Elle Rollo – The February Cool Out 2007

Cool Out

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Breaksblog regular Elle Rollo comes correct with a diverse selection to get rid of those winter blues.

Nifty – Latin Connection (unsigned)
Jọo Gilberto РSaudade fez um samba РWill Miles remix (unsigned)
Guga Stroeter & HB Big Band – Raois Multiplus – XRS remix (sambaloco)
Marky – Darling (bulldozer)
Peyo & Clowd Nine – Thats what u do to me (unsigned)
Unit Zero – Two Spirits (fokuz)
Heavy Petters & Choclair – In my life – Mutt remix (freaky flow)
Nu Tone – Millies Theme (hospital)
Atlantic Connection – Brooklyn (westbay)
Eveson – Touch (unsigned)
D Bridge & Spacek – Last Straw (exit)
Stan & Mook – Legal (soul:r)
Lynx & Maple – Shaku (horizons dub)
Calibre – Fire & Water (soul:r)
Lynx – B Box Roller (unsigned)

56 thoughts on “Elle Rollo – The February Cool Out 2007

  1. What is it about wicked beats and the lovely sounds of Brasil? Waxing poetic I could pick a guess, but I would rather simply enjoy the tunes.

  2. whats that tune wen the bloke is on about how much he loves a girl. fukin sick tune!!! any1 know?

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cheers for the nice feedback. It wouldnt have been posssible without Manu & Nate for hosting plus the tasty bits from Lynx, Eveson, Will, Nifty & Peyo – thanks muchly :-)

  5. ez baaadmaan rollo
    wicked mix bro, like it a lot … listening to ‘last straw’ atm. tis one is unbelievable deep!
    big up for those spring-flavoured bits, adam. ;)

  6. big up rollo, another awesome set. loving the unit zero one, include in a lp ( treasure of the deep) that needs looking forward to it (my english is not like your mix , lol)


  8. Peyo & Cloud Nine (from Funktastics) – Thats what u do to me !!!

    soo good man!!

  9. if, like me, you have always found elle rollo’s mixes to be rather poor, then you will be pleasantly surprised by this one.

    positive, uplifting, summertime d&b vibes. the selection is indeed not ‘diverse’, but rather consistently building on a cultured latino flavour.

    this is a great mix to add to my collection. apart from the inclusion of the ‘heavy petters’ song, which i find irritating and detrimental to the entire mix, you should find every other song to me enjoyable and well chosen.

    thanks elle rollo :)

  10. Absolutely no complaints about the tracklist. Pure candy here. Amazing mixing too. Big ups!

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