Redeyes – Mix for Breaksblog 08/2006

Redeyes / Interference

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Redeyes is back @ breaksblog with a new exclusive mix, before hitting cologne and swerve end of september, please enjoy some fresh flavas …

One of Breaksblog Crews favourites, Redeyes from Toulouse, France is back for the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5th time now and kills it again. 79 minutes of bliss and its a very nice quality recording …

Don’t miss DJ Redeyes guesting a five minutes walk to Breaksblog HQ at Gewölbe Westbahnhof, Cologne on Friday the 22.09.2006. More Info at “Interference – the soulful face of drumandbass”. He will be also playing alongside Alix Perez at Fabios Birthday Night “Swerve” one week later takeing place at the End.

01 ltj bukem – switch – good looking
02 calibre – blue top – innerground
03 alix perez + specific – side to side – brigand
04 the funktastics – honey – shogun ltd
05 mutt – hot lick squeeze (rip j dilla) – creative source
06 icicle – strangest feelings
07 beta 2 + zero tolerance – perseverance – liquid v
08 marky + bungle – immortality
09 random movement – reaching deeper – creative source
10 makoto – waiting
11 ai + robert owens – the power within – v
12 high contrast – everything different – hospital
13 redeyes – one night affair
14 nu tone – the things that lovers do – hospital
15 beta 2 + zero tolerance – spot 5 – innerground
16 marky + bungle – back like dat
17 total science + conrad – soul patrol – cia
18 calibre + mc fats – drop it down – signature
19 alix perez – crown city – innerground
20 random movement – scarlet trouble – bingo beats
21 marky + bungle – untitled
22 mistical – memory jog – soulr
23 d bridge – kismet – shogun audio
24 logistics – inhale – hospitals
25 skream -midnight request line – zinc remix – bingo beats
26 d kay + d bridge – nothing is true – exit vs

89 thoughts on “Redeyes – Mix for Breaksblog 08/2006

  1. Superb! Always on the hunt for the redeyes mixes, another to listen to on the move :)

    There are very few artists who do nice quality mixes like yourself, top job

    Thanks fella!

  2. ah i was havin a nice quiet week and you go and hit me with this 1. redeyes , the nuts m8!

  3. mikeyl, thanks for the rehost mate!

    Dowloading now, cant wait to hear this in my car! Thanks Redeyes and breaksblog!

  4. Woow, this is the perfect soundtrack for a depressive rainy day! Great tunes, tight mixing, one of the best mixes I’ve heard in the last months. Thank you Breaksblog!

    AJ, if I’ve got enough time on my hands tonight, I’ll try to do a cue file :)

  5. are you sure redeyes is playing @ westpol 28.09.? flyer says 22nd, so who’s right? wouldn’t wanna miss this

  6. allez les bleus!
    en écoutant cette mixe,
    j’éspère une nuit extraordinaire en séptembre!
    merci à interference et à tim pour le mixe
    – n’oublie pas quelques dubs tout droit de la presse
    du monsieur perez, s’il te plait!

  7. Yeah I agree, one of the best mixes I’ve heard in a long time, such brilliant funky, soulful tunes, love the Mutt and Bukem tunes!! Please do it The Watcher, the people need this mix on cd!!

  8. Great mix, Redeyes!!! Thanks to Tim/Breaksblog for bringing this to us.

    See the effect of great music + talent? No negative posts on this thread. Good vibes all around.

  9. red eyes OWNZ us!
    hail the french! tehehe :D

    farkin nice one bruva! respect from nz..

  10. 09 random movement – reaching deeper – creative source *love*
    can’t wait til the release!!
    massive mixset btw, big up mr. redeyes! ;)

  11. excellent styles RedEyes. Errryting Irie!
    Watch the drop for Shapeshifters new alb, ‘Solstice’ in late August.
    This kiwi dnb outfit cranks – and will be playing at Phat 07 with Klute in NYE07, In New Zealands South Island.
    Peace all.

  12. uplifting mix, one of the best recent breaksblog mixes! more light-footed than a lot of other stuff, but still kicking. thanks!

  13. Great mix, maaan!!!
    “The Funktastics – Honey”, what a chune:]
    Cheerz bwoy!!!

  14. I agree with Presize and think ‘Honey’ is hook da chain! Feel in love with those vocals and the smooth rolling baseline the first time I heard ’em on the Hospital podcast a while back!

    Big up Redeyes! Bo!

  15. some very nice mixes in there, tracks are hot (especially funktastics), redeyes is smoooooooove.

  16. You are kicking bud. You can trust me i already heard alot of mixes, but this one is defenitly the best one i have ever heard. Just awsome. I like those jazzy tunes. Greate mixing, great tunes. I need more of this. Hang loose Bro

  17. fixed and incl track names: < < see below >> (thx to rykos for the track times)

    (removed some previous comments to avoid confusion)

  18. Wicked work on the .cue’s guys, but both of you are wrong in some places . . .

    cream: The first tune cuts out after 3:18, not 5:48 as you’ve done in your .cue! Maybe other bits n bobs too need checking, haven’t quite checked yet.
    unit zero: Just general bits n bobs slightly wrong, but for the most part correct.

    Sort it out cream :D This mix deserves a perfect cue!

  19. this mix is so tight, im not only shaking through my living room right now, it literally touches my soul very deeply. from beginning to end somehow a soundtrack for all the things that happenened to me throughout the last weekend. i can feel it.
    great mix. respect!!

  20. info says mix is 79 minutes, but when i play it, it says 1hour19mins :(
    too bad, otherwise i would’ve burned this wiiickeed mix on a cd

  21. One of the best DJs & producers around at the moment… f**king sweet liquid sounds with a deeper angle.. wicked

  22. I’m sitting in my office at work, the doors are closed and my head is bobbing sooooooooooooooooooo hard!!!!

    You’ve got me groovin’ on this one kid!!

    Maximum rispek!!!!

  23. Loving this man has to much FUNK to be true!!! Big stuff. keep up the good work. Great producers

    Love. (Toulouse to the world)

  24. here is the shortened mix with a smooth fade out for all the regular 74 cdr crew! big up redeyes for the mix and cream for the *.cue but the full piece just won’t fit everywhere! ;)

    – zipped to prevent streaming and bandwidth abuse
    – the zip contains the fixed *.cue from cream which has been edited for this mix

    props and hate mail? gottes (at)

  25. respekt… excellent mix! High Contrast – everything different urrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  26. Been listening to this mix over and over for months now!!! Never get tired of it. Massive respect to you Redeyes, easily the best DnB mix I have ever heard!!!!!

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