Phace vs DJ Hidden vs Benny Page – Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 1 15/12/2006

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This time feat. 3 exclusive 20min mixes “of radically differing textures” by Phace from Germany, DJ Hidden from the Netherlands and Benny Page from the UK.. plus dubplates from Rufige Kru, Plan B and Klute.


Stereotyp meets Al’Haca feat. Ras B – ‘Ball Bout Murda’ from ‘Phase 3 LP’ (Klein Records)
Rufige Kru – ‘Malice In Wonderland’ (Metalheadz)
Dubchild – ‘Troubles’ (White)

The Dubplate
Plan B – ‘No Good (Chase & Status & Beni B Mixologists re-take)’ (White)

Gareth Clarke – ‘Butterworth Lane Write-Offs’ from ‘Gareth Clarke LP’ (Sublight)

DJ Hidden mix
Angina P – ‘Known Issues (Semiomime remix)’ (Notochord Recordings)
DJ Hidden – ‘Ghost Breath’ (Ad Noiseam)
DJ Hidden – ‘Sandwaves’ (Flatline Audio)
Eye-D & DJ Hidden – ‘Joshua’s War’ (White)
DJ Hidden – ‘Straightjacket’ (Ad Noiseam)
DJ Hidden – ‘Scry 7734-5335-345’ (Ad Noiseam)

Mothboy – ‘Moth FM/Given Away’ from ‘Deviance LP’ (Ad Noiseam)
DJ Mentat & Durrty Goodz – ‘What’s Happenin’ (remix)’ (Suspect Packages)

The Download
Michael Forshaw – ‘Rofi Mao’ (Chan’n’Mikes)

Benny Page mix
Visionary – ‘Soundboy Burial (Benny Page VIP remix)’ (Digital Soundboy)
Sigma – ‘El Presidente’ (Bingo Beats)
Visionary – ‘Hustlin” (Digital Soundboy)
Visionary – ‘Ganja Fire’ (White)
Benny Page – ‘A Tender Touch’ (Digital Soundboy)
Hoodlum & Wickaman – ‘Dead By Dawn’ (White)
Buju Banton – ‘Over Me’ (White)
Vital Elements – ‘The Truth’ (V2E)
Johnny L – ‘Back To The Old Skool (Friction & Ktee remix)’ (White)
Benny Page & Spyda – ‘Battlefield’ (Digital Soundboy)
Visionary – ‘Run 4 Your Life’ (On Point)
Congo Natty – ‘Wardance (Serial Killers remix)’ (White)

Kit & Non – ‘No Hooks’ (White)
DJ Lynkx – ‘Jus’ Vibe’ (Blindside Records)
Klute & Amit – ‘K. Kicker’ (Commercial Suicide)

Phace mix
Phace – ‘Distortion’ (Subtitles)
Phace – ‘Reservoir’ (Subtitles)
Phace – ‘Rational’ (Subtitles)
Phace – ‘Psycho’ (Subtitles)
Phace – ‘Finger Food’ (Subtitles)
Phace – ‘Tranquilizer’ (Subtitles)
Phace – ‘Open Your Eyes’ (Subtitles)
Phace feat. Noisia – ‘Crevice’ (Subtitles)
Phace feat. Noisia – ‘The Feed’ (Subtitles)

24 thoughts on “Phace vs DJ Hidden vs Benny Page – Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 1 15/12/2006

  1. u gotta give some luv to benny though. it has been a great year for him and his tunes. besides his part is the only i enjoyed of this show

  2. give me benny page’s new school jump up / dub flavours ANYDAY over DJ hidden or phaces aggro-DNB….. just my personal opinion.

  3. I sincerely advocate more of Mary Anne Hobbs’ show to be linked on breaksblog! It’s usually mindblowing stuff, a nice chance to look beyond the usual scope of drum&bass into dubstep, breakcore and industrial. release!

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