Paul B – NUBORN 14 – October 2005 Studio Mix



“Representing the new studio mix from myself. It came out a little unusual. Heavy at the beginning and more liquid and mellow to the end.”


1 Current Value – Dark Rain [INVASION]
2 Corrupt Souls & Hyx – Brood X [OBSESSIONS]
3 Ben Sage – BBDF
4 Propaganda & Raiden – Machine Soul [OFFKEY]
5 Milo – Black Hawk Down (Sunchase rmx)
6 Counterstrike – Can’t Let Go (T.Z.A. rmx) [OUTBREAK]
7 Ines – Believer (Panacea & Possesion rmx)
8 Task Horison – Cube [DSCI4]
9 S.I.N & Muffler – Bad Bwoy Sound VIP [FORMATION]
10 Nothing – Fusillade (Paul B rmx) [STEP2ZERO]
11 BlackSunEmpire – Porcelain [OBSESSIONS]
13 Arqer – The Way
14 Mutated Forms – My Feeling [FORMATION]
15 BTK & Spleen feat. 4Pro – I Will Love
16 Yana Kay – Waiting For Your Love (Paul B Tequilla With Lime Mix) [EMI / STEP2ZERO]
17 Subwave – Believe Me

21 thoughts on “Paul B – NUBORN 14 – October 2005 Studio Mix

  1. As good as always!

    7 Ines – Believer (Panacea & Possesion rmx)

    lol (a mix of a Estonian (pop) song)

  2. Hi,
    Perhabs, it IS the music of the future, really kicks ass…. I can’t stop listening to it :D:D Is there any chance to get these music in better quality? 192kbps would be perfekt… Great hail from Hungary! I hope that I will see some crazy Paul B parties on Budapest:)

  3. I miss #9 #11 #13 :( All the links are broken, I can’t find a good one…
    could anyone help me? thx

  4. Unfortunatly the mixes wont be out in a higher bitrate, most of the tunes he uses are dubplates and sometimes unsigned

  5. Hey guys, I have copies of the ones your are missing, like the sensible chap I am, I archived em, :)

    I can prolly help you guys out.

  6. Hey Mike, could u send meg nuborn mix 9, 11 and 13 somehow?? I have an ftp server, but my upload speed really sux… but i’ve a lot of stuff, so it ‘d be cool if you could upload these stuff… my mail is, contact me pls!

  7. Paul B is a bonafide LEGEND! Nice to see BSE’s ‘Porcelain’ in this mix, that tune blows my mind each & every…Dieselboy used to be my fave DJ, but the Russian don is definately number one now!

    p.s NuBorn 6 is still the very best!! –>

  8. Brilliant at the start with the heavy stuff, not so keen on the mellower stuff later on though. The Sin/Muffler track is fucking fantastic.

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