Marcus Intalex – Sun and Bass Podcast #39 08/2015

Marcus Intalex Sund and Bass Podcast 2015


Just over one month to go until SUNANDBASS 2015, and our new Podcast comes from none other than @marcusintalex. His closing set of SUNANDBASS 2014 showed us exactly what the festival is all about – but not content with just blowing the roof off with that one, he’s back once again to show us how it’s done. This one is chock full of freshness – good luck to the tracklist spotters!

4 thoughts on “Marcus Intalex – Sun and Bass Podcast #39 08/2015

  1. Incredible mix, he does it all the time! So complex and so in one piece. I am still rewinding the last one was posted on breaksblog. Thanks!

  2. As always a definition of best quality D&B. A set with the best ingredients. Intalex proofs again good D&B is still existing. Tracklisting is needed especially for the tracks between min. 35 to min.50. Who produced the remix of the View?

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