D-Bridge – All Calibre Studiomix 07/2015


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An all Calibre mix made up of some of the music he’s sent me over the years.

Loads of blissful, unreleased tunes. Skillfully selected and mixed by Exit Recordings D-Bridge.

What a treat.

Calibre – Strumpet [Exit]
Calibre – Jaboc
Calibre – Yammamind
Calibre – Mindprint [Signature]
Calibre – Bogeyman Bullshit [Soul:R]
Calibre Feat. DRS – Fear Of Letting Go [Signature]
Calibre – Don’t Take It All
Calibre – Plugs [Footprints]
Calibre – ?
Calibre – ?
Calibre – ?
Calibre – ?
Calibre – Love Worn Soul
Calibre – ?
Calibre – Stranger [Exit]
Calibre – Darkness Lanes
Calibre – Finelines
Calibre – ?
Calibre – ?
Calibre – ?
Calibre – Reverend Loop
Calibre – Spirit Catcher
Calibre – Watuku
Calibre – Pushing Out
Calibre – What U Need [Creative Source]
Calibre Feat. Steve Spacek – Shine (Instrumental)
Calibre – Light Years [Creative Source]
Calibre – Life [Signature]

10 thoughts on “D-Bridge – All Calibre Studiomix 07/2015

  1. Calibre – Spirit Catcher !!!!

    PLEASE PUT THIS ON SHELFLIFE 4. calibre is his full glory… BIG BIG TUNE.

  2. This is just pure class. Big respect to the mighty man from Bristol for the mighty mix and also Belfasts finest bringing us such quality productions. Win win situation.


  3. Thanks D Bridge!

    Yes…nice to hear spirit catcher once more…

    love the track b4 stranger too!


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