Law – Repertoire Promo Mix 03/2009

The Law Repertoire Records


A new label drawing inspiration from the 1993/96 styles from the like of DJ Crystl, Intense, Source Direct, Bukem, Photek. Repertoire is not strictly an oldskool jungle label, but we aim for that deep and dark style, whilst the beats maintain a dancefloor edge. […] All profits made from the labels mp3 sales will go directly into a fund to press up a vinyl release of the two most popular singles from the label. This will be addressed every label 5 releases or every 10 mp3s released.

Newschool beats in oldschool fashion … I enjoyed this mix alot. Get on this if you like your amen like rain, vox, strings and punchy sublow bass!


01. Sub – Skadi (Nebula Blue Notes Remix) – Subtle Audio
02. X-Nation – Cloud Fairy – Repertoire 02-A
03. Chimeira – Deeper Life (The Law Remix) – Bootleg
04. Serial Killaz – Lonely Dub – forthcoming on Serial Killaz
05. The Law – Sophine – Repertoire 01-A
06. ASC – Delta Shift – Translation
07. Electosoul System – Form Of Life – KOS.MOS. Music
08. Seba – Day By Night – Secret Operations
09. The Law – Emptiness Is Form – Repertoire 01-B
10. Nasty Habits – Here Come The Drums (Breakage Remix) – Reinforced
11. X-Nation – Fascinating – Repertoire 02-B
12. T-DJ & Soul Intent – City Edge – Unsigned
13. Photek – Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu – Science

17 thoughts on “Law – Repertoire Promo Mix 03/2009

  1. Bloody brilliant this one. Sounds like Repetoire Records is a label worth keepin’ an eye on. Can’t wait until i get my hands on some wax.

  2. sick wun hope it grows into a stable operating platform that eventualy allows more wax to be pressed ;) bless

  3. I’ve been listening to your musicv2 page for a couple of months now, and its a brilliant catalogue of jungle/dnb music from the 90s

    with that in mind, Im on this!

  4. You know you really need tunes like this as you get older cos I’m sure its the only way you can hold onto your youth when you inevitably get told you have to grow up because you’ve suddenly found yourself with a wife and 3 kids!
    Long may it reign! (mainly because it reminds me to stop trying to be an adult and realise there is something still worth living for!)
    Its the head nod shit that’ll make you break ya neck!
    Here come the drumz!
    Now you see people are staring at me in the Office now because I look like I’ve developed repetitive strain injury from the neck up!

  5. Thanks for the support everyone, its all coming along nicely.
    The mp3s will be in all the big online shops by mid May and the first vinyl release has been mastered so im waiting on test presses hopefully in around a week.

    Ill be making lots of noise when the vinyl comes out.
    I also did a part 2 to this mix, check it out here….

    Would be great if the breaksblog admin could add that mix too.

    Cheers everyone.

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