Kuttin Edge – Dub Krunch 04/08/2007


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10 Yrs Krunchtime Radioshow

(Dubstep Special Part 4 – Dub Krunch)

recorded from Radio x 91.8 FM Frankfurt

listening without subwoofers prohibited

01 Abucs 3
02 RSD – Love Of Jah Light – Earwax
03 L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City – Dub Police
04 Kion – Shine
05 Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok Mix)
06 Scuba 10
07 Mala – Left Leg Out – DMZ
08 2562 – Circulate – Tectonic
09 Mala – Lean Forward – DMZ
10 Marc Ashken (Skream Mix)
11 The Black Ghosts (Plastician & Skream Mix)
12 The Others – Africa – Dub Police
13 Dutty Dubz – Back & Forth – Disfigured Dubz
14 Dutty Dubz – Structured Madness – Trackdonalds
15 Mala – Alicia Keys Boot

15 thoughts on “Kuttin Edge – Dub Krunch 04/08/2007

  1. goddamn! i said goddamn!!!

    this mix is tiiiiiiiiiiiite. required listening with subs and even better with a thunderstorm out the window.

  2. This mix should appeal to all DnB Heads – production levels are up to par with dnb throughout the whole mix.

  3. Woah. ‘Girl From Codeine City’ – that is a lush tune.

    Dubstep needs more of this :)

  4. Thoroughly enjoying this mix whilst at work..its giving me a summer buzz:)

    However..im a little confused. My idea of dubstep, based on what i have heard previous to this mix was overly bassy and electronic sounds with a dark grimmey feel to them. Anyone care to spread some knowledge??

  5. this is mix is what dubstep needed to reach my ears, finally some GOOD vibe and melody in it!, GREAT MIX! and sure the other stuff is quite cool aswell the minimal stuff, but they all feel to rythm n sound rip-offish, but these tunes i realy like!

    but what to expect, its kuttin edge!! love all the kuttin edge shows that ends up here!!!!

  6. The Black Ghosts (Plastician & Skream Mix) !!!!

    and round the world girls!!


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