Kapsil – Unsigned Mix June 2005

“so it’s been almost a month without my turntables and im goin into withdrawl so i decided to make a mix in abelton live of a buncha unsigned tunes i have plus some free 320s ..”

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host: newcastlebeats.streamlinetrial.co.uk | mixes.kapsil.net

citron – gleams of the ocean
nathan – escape plan
subsonik – shadows
chris bee – illa riddim (abZ remix)
skeleton crew – ganja smugglin
nathan – india
basic operations – last nights passing
john julius night vs. e-man – find a prayer (random movement vip)
skeleton crew – what’s the plan man?
nathan – dualism
process – temper
kondecuotas pienas – 6 weeks 3 days and no content (PDX remix)
kapsil – rapture
fucoza – deeper and deeper (exegene)
sax – dawn sky (hipnotic remix)

6 thoughts on “Kapsil – Unsigned Mix June 2005

  1. kapsil.net – has to be the most annoying website I’ve come across in the recent past.

  2. I agree. That has to be the most unnecessary use of pop-ups I have ever seen. It seems they want to purposely annoy then hell out of you while trying to find any relevant information. I stopped after the 5th pop-up window and closed them all down. What a waste of time and clicks. Hopefully the mix isn’t as annoying.

  3. hey take that browser standards compliant malarky and stick where the sun dont shine! =P

  4. the webpage isn’t a webpage, it was a final project for an art class

    stop goin there and killin my bandwidth ;p

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