Just Charlie – All Passai Mix 04/2008

All Passai Mix

info: stevenreasonover.com

Already big with LTJ Bukem and Fabio, Drum and Bass producer Passai presenting his tunes in the mix compiled by US based Dj Just Charlie. Some smooth and deep gems in here.

01. Ascension
02. Fall Time Jazz
03. Flight
04. Heavenly Bodies (Remix)
05. Crystal Clarity
06. Resurrection
07. Endless Light
08. Voices From the Other Side
09. Purple Horizon
10. Breezing On By
11. Revolver
12. Being Unknown
13. End of Days
14. Eternity

22 thoughts on “Just Charlie – All Passai Mix 04/2008

  1. Heavenly Bodies (rmx) sounds like something straight out of the old school GLR catalog. Pure smooth, deep vibes I could listen to all day.

    Cristal Clarity is also nice, but it’s yet another “hiccup” song. I really hope that sound dies someday. It really kills some tracks that could have been fine without.

  2. [Comment ID #393328 Quote]

    I uploaded a .cue file into justcharlie.com/audio but something is still not right. the one on my site is 99%, there must be a wrong character or something. if you can fix it and email me the fixed version I’ll upload it.

  3. Favorite Mix right now… Smooth atmospherics … Wish there was more out like this

  4. I am really into these tunes, and can’t fault Charlie’s mixing either!
    Are any of them out or forthcoming? I’d love to spin a few on origin fm or at Launch… Havent seen any passai stuff here in London but have heard it on fabio & marcus’s shows… good work!

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