Jrumhand – Studio Mix “TMG & More” 06/2011


info: jrumhand.com

This is my first mix for a long, long time, but will be the first of many coming up over the summer months! Enjoy the music!

Jrumhand is one of those new guys that roll out the timeless and jazzy drum and bass rollers. His debut album is out on Textures Music Group with plenty more already out aswell as forthcoming on such labels as Telluric, SDR and GLO(L). Simply great music that works both on the dancefloor and at home. Check out his Artist Profile on Soul Deep Recordings. Get on this.

01 Jrumhand – ‘Francoise’
02 Jrumhand – ‘Gamble of Life’
03 Soultec and Msdos – ‘Where’s the Brass?’
04 Jrumhand and Phatplayaz – ‘All that Jazz’
05 Jrumhand – ‘Wax’
06 Aquasion – ‘Loyal does it’
07 Jrumhand and Blade – ‘Cascade’
08 Jrumhand – ‘Live for Today’
09 Jrumhand -‘Sailing across the atmosphere’
10 Jrumhand – ‘Bricks and Mortar
11 Jrumhand – ‘Ice and Lemon’
12 Jrumhand – ‘Pianoforte’
13 Jrumhand – ‘Vital Elements’
14 PhatPlayaz – ‘Masterclass’

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