Big Bud – “Kool Beans” Mix and Interview for KMag 07/2011

Big Bud


“Kool Beans” – Big Buds 6th Studio Album is out in the shops now and proves to be both versatile and excellent. Maybe his best work since GLO days. Both the Mix and the Album feature dub, soul and funk dripping beats from 140 to 175 BPM. Head over to KMag for the Interview.

Big Bud – Blue 4 U (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Dunja Dub (Soundtrax)
Big Bud + Greg Packer – Raining Dub (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Children Of Jah (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Biggest Bhuddist (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Lady Sing The Blues (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Want You So Bad (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Forever (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Juicy (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – This Kinda Love (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Feeling Inside (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – White Widow (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Blues For Zoran (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Soul On Fire (Soundtrax)
Big Bud ft. MC Drs – Changes (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Righteous Dub (Soundtrax)
Big Bud – Kimooki Dub (Soundtrax)

14 thoughts on “Big Bud – “Kool Beans” Mix and Interview for KMag 07/2011

  1. Big Bud no doubt has got longevity in his game. This OG is way underrated, but has been killing it forEVER!

    Mos def tight post breaksblog

  2. Great mix, some real gems on there. Kimooki Dub is absolutely first rate. Thanks bud!

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