8 thoughts on “Future Prophecies – Live On Stage Video March 2005

  1. what on earth was that thing the big dread guy was playin??!! (before the sax) i want one!!

  2. lol woozie that was an electric obonet(obo/clarinet)

    this video is sick, im os sad they bailed on their tour

  3. it’s an Ewi he’s playing.. Electric Wind Instrument, used with samplers and synthesizers, VERY cool stuff, Saxophone/Clarinet players can use this reather easily (so i’m told)

  4. Hi all,
    we welcomed FUTURE PROPHECIES in Toulouse (France) on the 7th oct.-05… you could have a look on VIDEO & PHOTOS report of them on http://www.drumandbass.fr in “REPORTS” section… hope you’ll enjoy as much as us !
    it was a tremendous & genius live as u could see ;)
    we’re even more fan than before !!!
    good continuation

  5. i have an EWI and i playa it much as well……i often use it on stage……one of my pals is a mc an we are newcomer….

  6. la dnb sa defonse tous i a rien de mieux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mai c pa l avis de tous monde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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