Fabio – Live on Radio1 24/06/2006

Fabio bbc radio 1xtra

host: davidloop.com

Fabio is in the hotseat this week with the Vinyl Killers Chart, The High Rollers Competition and a half hour mix. Plus he will be playing all the hottest new dubplates. (obligatory blabla taken from bbc.co.uk)

You know what to expect …
Cheers to david loop foor hitting me up with this.

Jazz Thieves ‘Keep On Pushing’ (White)
Atlantic Colony ‘Brand New Colony’ (White)
The Mathematix ‘Get Up’ (White)
Sabre ‘Recession’ (White)
Logistics ‘Everything is Illuminated’ (White)
Alix Perez ‘Warning Sign (Creative Source)

Vinyl Killers
10) Jenna G – For Lost Friends (Album Sampler) – Bingo
9) Drumsound & Bassline Smith Presents Street Technique Part
– Technique Recordings
8) Benny Page – Turn Down The Lights – Digital Soundboy
7) Generation Dub – Dr Strangelove – Propaganda
6) DJ Hazard – All The Way EP – Ganja
5) DJ Fresh – Escape From Planet Monday LP – Breakbeat Kaos
4) Eksman – Roll Slow – Bingo
3) TC feat MC Jakes – Deep- D Style
2) Sub Focus feat. Brookes Brothers & Howtek – Verano – Frequency
1) DJ Fresh – Nervous (Sub Focus RMX) – Breakbeat Kaos

Strider ‘Zander’ (white)
Steve Survival ‘Believe’ (white)
Calibre ‘Waterfall’ (Signature)
Alix Perez Unknown’ (White)
Jubei ‘Paranoid Android’ (White)

Fabio In The Mix
Seba & Crazy ‘High Priestess’ (White)
Alix Perez ‘ Crown City ‘ (White)
Furney ‘Masquaras’ (White)
Total Science ‘Red Kooga’ (White)
Steve Survival ‘Friendly Fire’ (White)
Red Eyes & Peyo ‘Delight’ (White)
Chris Inperspective ‘Over It’ (White)
Yuukie ‘Free Your Mind’ (D Bridge Remix)
Calibre ‘Pop’ (White)

28 thoughts on “Fabio – Live on Radio1 24/06/2006

  1. Nice to see they got the tracklist right this week!

    Rock on Furney!!

  2. I think it is incorrect as that Calibre remix of the tune by Broke N English “trying” rolls out in the 1hours 41 minute mark. …s’all good :-)

  3. bangin.. Survival owns. So far this year it’s all about the deep. Then again, when is it NOT about the deep. EZ Alix Perez, Redeyes and Peyo, Sabre, and all that jazz.

  4. jazz thieves – keep on pushing

    shameless bullshit !!!

    show some more respect for curtis.

  5. That Mathematics track ‘GetUp’ is killer!!!!

    Real nice selection thanks Breaksblog!!!!

  6. There is another Mathematics track called “Burn” just prior to the Seba and Krazy tune..

  7. right …. jazz thieves – keep on pushing is shit!
    Mathematics are excellent! a couple of weeks ago Fabio played another wicked tune called Mirroball!

  8. i swear that Calibre – ‘pop’ is called ‘Y Time’

    Also Calibre – ‘WaterFalls’ was Marcus Intalex – ‘Waterfalls’ a few weeks back :-S

  9. Yeah that Chris Inperspective tune is proper soul candy. I’m listening to the set over and over (my god, what a selection!) and can’t help but feel disappointed with some of the vinyl killers… my reaction to some entries was “W T F who buys this”

    along with the Soulution mix, this has been my top rotation… and if you haven’t downloaded this yet… DO ITTTTTTTT

  10. Big tune Big tune!!!!!!
    Unbelievable :)
    Never felt crazy myself like this….

  11. Seba & Crazy ‘High Priestess’ is really good!!
    Keep on punishing is SHIT

  12. “amen Says:

    June 28th, 2006 at 14:36:53
    jazz thieves – keep on pushing

    shameless bullshit !!!

    show some more respect for curtis. ”

    My thoughts exactly…

  13. somebody still got this one? link is down and I would really like to hear this one :\

  14. does anyone know the name of the Alix Perez ‘Unknown’ (White) track?

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