Dr. S. Gachet – Live @ Gravity, Perth 24/10/1997

Dr. S. Gachet @ Gravity 1997

info: myspace.com/gachet, rolldabeats.com/artist/dr_s_gachet

Here is also a hotel room / studio mix he did on the same visit …

Another rare blast from the past. Dr. S. Gachet recorded at Gravity in Perth, Australia in 1997 with an deep and slightly unusual selection from the days when the bright and dark sounds still went together so nicely.

Many thanks to Devo who recorded these sets from cassette tape by request for Mr. Rollo.

26 thoughts on “Dr. S. Gachet – Live @ Gravity, Perth 24/10/1997

  1. Daaaaaamn I remember this night! Shame it’s only part of the set- to this day I’ve never seen a club erupt the way it did that night when Gachet dropped “Remember the Roller”- spine tingling stuff. Big up Devo and Rollo, and RIP Gravity.

  2. I fucking love Dr. S Gachet. His tune selection was always so refreshing compared to other DJs of his time (and still now). An thoroughly underrated DJ and nice bloke to boot. Cheers for putting this set up.

  3. respect to the Rollo and Devo for gettin these up, any more Perth nights would be wicked!
    I’d forgotten how good Gachet was the times I saw him, what times ….

  4. Partial tracklisting for the studio set:

    01. dr. s. gachet – half hearted monty business (audio maze)
    02. 2 bob soundsystem – get high fiona (good looking)
    03. dr. s. gachet – calling (mutant sound system)
    04. 17.00 ?
    05. 21.54 ?
    06. 27.29 ?
    07. 32.51 ?
    08. 38.02 acetate – spirit ???
    09. 42.10 ?

    10. ganja kru – gone are the days (hype’s full dub mix) (parousia)
    11. big bud – blueprint (vibez)
    12. 13.13 dr. s. gachet – calling (remix) ???
    13. big bud – noodles (vibez)
    14. 23.28 ?
    15. phd & mc conrad – presence (ascendant grooves)
    16. moriesh – lessons (mutant sound system)
    17. wayward mind – feet don’t fail me now (xpressive journey mix) (bush)

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  6. Yeah, I love that mix of Feet Don’t Fail me Now. I drop that on vinyl from time to time.. Drives the chicks mad.

  7. 06. 27.29 ?

    This tune is from “Rocker Spin/Closer” by Exocet,

    can’t find my copy right now to confirm exactly but i know it’s one of these.

  8. Hello
    does anyone know where I can get the live mixes at Gravity and the Gachet studio mixes from 97? I had copies of it once before but have since lost them and remember that they were amazing sets! have been searching for them for years!!!
    thanks y’all

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