Don Rosco & Stacks (Bassbin) @ Power FM 08/2006

Don Rosco & Stacks on Power FM

host: | info: Stacks at Myspace, Get Up With It

Don Rosco & Stacks are resident DJs for Bassbin and take to the airwaves every Wednesday at 9.30GMT on

Stacks was originally on another Dublin pirate – Jazz FM – alongside Ultra. He joined Don Rosco on Power FM back in 2004. He also does the artwork for all the Bassbin releases.

Check out another breaksblog exclusive … Don Rosco starts the show with about 40 minutes of fine, eastern flavoured dubstep … Followed by another two hours of cutting edge jungle drum and bass, some exclusive bassbin dubs this is a show you better dont miss out on.

The show originally kicked off on Power FM, Ireland’s finest dance pirate station, back in 1994 with Don Rosco, Naphta and Ian Slevin at the helm. The legendary Triple A & Golden Maverick joined Don Rosco for a few years in the late 90s, until the station was forced to close as an FM broadcaster by THE MAN. It re-opened as an internet station in 2003.

Blackdown – Crackle Blues (Burial Mix) – Keysound
Distance – Temptation – Tectonic
Skream – Monsoon (Loefah Rmx) – Tempa
Digital Mystikz – Walkin with Jah – Soul Jazz
Benny Ill & DJ Hatcha – Crazy Intro – Tempa
D1 – Golden Bullet – Road
Dusk & Blackdown – Submerge – Keysound
Toastyboy – The Knowledge (Vex’d remix) – Hot Flush
Skream – Hag – Tempa
Toastyboy – Guesswork – Storming
Amit – dirt box – commercial suicide
Total Science – Amber leaf – Reinforced
Insight – No Love – CDR
Breakage – Forgot the name – Scientific Wax
Skitty – Bennies – Bassbin
ICR – You Told Me I Was Beautiful
Nucleus & Paradox – This is our Planet – Reinforced
Dylan – Code Breaker – Droppin Science
Krust – Soul In Motion – Full Cycle
Alias – Voodoo – Scientific Wax
LIS – The Key – Exit
Paradox – Rare Earth – Offshore
Polska – House Fire – CDR
Ricky Force – Dublin Crew – Exegene
Naphta – My Bitter Sweetness – CDR
Atlantiq – Access Node – True Intent
Seba & Paradox feat Robert Manos – Make Peace – Vibe’z

Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 – NYC Diesel – Renegade Hardware
Deep Blue – Coral – Offshore
Mr L – Back to your roots – Mr L
Nucleus & Paradox – Who? What? – Reinforced
Fanu – Jungle got no ranks – CDR
Innervisions – Digital Readout – Reinforced
Alaska – Criterion – Vibez

13 thoughts on “Don Rosco & Stacks (Bassbin) @ Power FM 08/2006

  1. Pretty ruddy rollin”

    Prefer the D’n’B mix up to the dubstep,

    but its all good!


  2. Thanks for all the comments and mucho respect to Tim for adding us to Breaksblog.

    Remember the show is live on every Wednesday 9.30-12.30 GMT

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