DJ Flight – The Next Chapter On 1Xtra 02/08/2006

Dj Flight 1xtra


Last wednesdays Dj Flight show on 1Xtra … Some nice new bits in here. Thx 2lip for rehost.

Break & Survival – Kronk (Exit Dub)
Beta 2 – Innersense (Soul:R Dub)
Survival – Labyrinth (Dub)
Fat Freddy’s Drop feat Joe Dukie – Unknown ( AI Remix) (Dub)
Calibre – Deranged (Soul:R Dub)
Hold Tight – Me & You (Industry Dub)
Linx – Fantasy (Bassbin Dub)
Delta – Steppen Wolf (Dub)
Heist – Plan B (Dub)
Benny Page vs Rhythm Beater – Dub Room (Remix) (Cutters Choice Dub)
Dillinja – Fly Away (Dillinja RIP) (Valve)
Beta 2 – South Paw (Dub)
The Fix – Machu Picchu (Dub)
Matrix – Convoy (Prototype)
*Breaking New Talent Mix: Zero 1 reppin’ Surrey*
D Bridge vs D Kay – Nothing is True (Exit)
Sabre – Walk Thru Me (Dub)
Vicious Circle – Between the lines (Renegade
Cujo – Clarity (Soundtrax)
Duo Infernale – The Enlightenment (Progress)
Calibre – Barca (Critical)
Phace – Hot Rock (Subtitles)
Jenna G – In Love (Bongo)
Dillinja – In the Grind (Valve)
Concept 2 – Cause n Effect (Ram)
Spirit – Sapphire (Dub)
Martyn – Cloud Convention (Bassbin Dub)
Survival – Status (Play:Musik Dub)
Craggz & Parallel Forces – Dusk (Valve)
Nathan – Jazz Recreation (Dub)
Sci-Clone – Lucid (Metalheadz)

23 thoughts on “DJ Flight – The Next Chapter On 1Xtra 02/08/2006

  1. My picks after 1st listen: Break & Survival – Kronk, Hold Tight – Me & You, the new Delta and Beta2 bits, Nathan – Jazz Creation … and the pimp cup goes to Survivals – Status

  2. I have never gotten sendspace to work … ever. Rapidshare works like a charm every time, which is the opposite of what most people report. I’m just whining, carry on.

  3. Flight – SHUT …. THE… FUCK… UP!!!! I understand its a radio show and its good to get info on club nights, tunes etc but she runs on and on, and talks over tune drops which is so fuckin annoying, plus her voice is far too loud!

    Worth downloading just to flick through n preview tunes, but U cant listen to it all the way through

  4. kraal do u really think she is ever gonna read your lame comment on this website in her lifetime? i dont think so – go call her up and let her know nicely and stop whining. quit listening to radio if u dont like to hear ppl hosting a show ;)

  5. I’ve said it once, so i’ll say it again… The buff little minx needs her sphincter punishing ;)


    S’all about the couple of Survival bit on there for me… Heard another one from him (dunno if its on this mix) sampling Lost!!! Crazy tune… Worth d/l’ing this just for the dubs imo.

  6. DONT U chat shit about FLIGHT she puts the best shit out on the cyberspace since technotronic – pump up the jam, so just shut it.

    pump up the jam,pump it while your feet are stomping and the jam is pumping and the crowd is jumping. dj flight made my daaayy!!

  7. Would be nice to have a radio show presented by someone who can speak properly.. whys it always London geezers (and geezer-birds) innit, from the streets, bwap bwap, rewind, boh! etc.. There are people out there who love d&b n go out n get mashed every week n jump around like twats for hours on end, but can actually string a sentence together without resorting to strange animal like noices that pass as street lingo. bwap bwap ooh ooh ooh boh boh, like a fuckin party in the chimpanzee enclousure at London zoo

  8. it’s a real selection there… Break & Survival and Survival on his own… wtf, they r killin iiiiit!

    Nice one Flightyyyy, super-glad we’re having you back here in Athens.GR again after 3 yrs.. :D

    PS: STUPID comments about one of the best voices on the radio? who’s mashed up “GEEZAH”? WTF, get a life. Maybe you were TOO zonked to make out the english spoken thru the radio punk! FOFF muaaaawaahahahahaaaa

  9. Чоколядова тьолка Флайт підбирає файне музло для своєї радіопередачі, але як і люба представниця слабкої статі полюбляє надто багато чесати язиком і пслувати значну частину аудіоматеріалу. Хоча може то навіть так і задумано, щоб нові та ексклюзивні треки були засрані досить сильно, своєрідний захист від піратів.

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