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Welcome to ’09. Thanks for listening this past year. We’re starting the New Year off right with a mix from one of the brightest stars on the dnb horizon, Sinistarr. To bring Sinistarr to your corner of the galaxy, please email us: info[at]

Fresh beats from detroits youngblood, Dj Sinistarr.

Skitty – Icebox (Vandal)
Survival & Chris Inperspective – The Right Way (Audio Tactics)
Ed Oberon – Texan (RTD Limited)
Jubei & Sato – Resistance (Dub)
Nu:Tone & Logistics – Trademark (Hospital)
Sinistarr – Native (Dub)
Switch & Henree – Piece Of History (Lucky Devil Dub)
Sinistarr – Nothing But You (Integral Dub)
Chris Inperspective – Biffy’s Not Here (INP:Digital)
Chris Inperspective & DiamondEye – Bulla Smash (Dub)
Zero T feat. Steo – Refusal [Calibre Remix] (Integral Dub)
Conscious State – Cymatics (Peer Pressure Recordings Dub)
Luca – Red Sky (Samurai Music Dub)
Random Movement & Switch – When You Reach (Dub)
Bachelors Of Science – The Beautiful Life (Dub)
Peyo & Sks – Without U (Influenza Media)
Ink & Gremlinz – Blackstar (Sudden Def)
Control Remote – Haze (Dub)
Graphic & Slide – Crash Kit (Offshore Recordings)
Unknown Track (Dub)
Ken Ishii – Creation In the State of Art (Rez/Sega)

18 thoughts on “DJ Sinistarr – BBS Bookings Podcast 01/2009

  1. Nice smooth mix – eccept last 10 min.or so. Why was it not poss. to cut out this track which should not be released on the Andy scopes mix? Have no cutting programm?

  2. @Tim
    sorry , was nothing against breaksblog crew! You are right of course, Andy Skopes promised a new mix, maybe also at 320 kbps !

  3. sorry dude, nice tracklisting, but c’mon, im a bedroom dj and can mix better than that…

  4. wicked tunes, mixing bit iffy here and there, overall lovely stuff!
    Anyone know the deal with that Andy Skopes mix, i downloaded it before they took it down and want to know this track thats on the down low lol!

  5. If you are a better DJ, prove it by posting a mix man. No need to say anything negative. Sinistarr is probably the biggest upcoming artist in the scene, and if you don’t know, you ought to know better. This was a podcast, not a mix CD you bought at the mall or something. Give the man a break. Maybe he doesn’t put as much time into practicing mixing because he is busy writing huge fucking tunes for Creative Source, Influence, DSM, Sonorous, Horizons, PPR, Junction 11, Digital Blus, and Nu Directions. Makes sense to me. Awesome mix Jeremy, thanks for the continued support. I’m looking forward to chilling next month!

  6. @Conscious_State:

    So if I’m ‘picking up what you’re putting down’, it’s okay for a producer to mix terribly because, well, their producers and they’re too busy to practice… too busy because they’re writing big tunes for big labels, up-and-coming and all of that? That is absolutely ridiculous, especially in this context, where the mix is used primarily for the purpose of gaining DJ bookings, not breaking their new music.

    Sinistarr, no disrespect, but I’m sure you can do better than that. :-)

  7. hello all! forgive my small caps, im on my ipod

    thank you for the comments left by everyone, positive and otherwise :P

    upon listening multiple times to this mix, i can honestly say i “jumped the shark” on this one…meaning that at the time it wasnt my a-game, as proved by my previous mixes. so to the people that downloaded it: if you dont enjoy the mixing, enjoy the beats!

    thanks for the support, and expect many other (better) mixes from me in the future :)


    p.s. i’m sure tim has a proper email address for this site, so you should probably email him personally about anything that comes up about mixes in question, rather than nonchalantly post in other non-related threads, kthx :)

  8. ive seen sinistarr absolutely kill it on the dancefloor before, maybe you dont l=think so but trust this mix doesnt do him absolute justice, dont get it twisted hes a fucken badman, its really easy to say you can make a better mix without actually posting something to back your shit up, but this is the fuckin internet and it wouldnt be a mix thread without some kinda hater. All im saying is Sinistarr making mad moves, putting out tunes in MAJOR labels, doing A&R work, making absolutely smashing and UNIQUE fucking tunes and still finding time to make this sick lil mix filled with upfront fuckin killer tunes, seriously now. Big ups Sinistarr cant wait to have you out in Cali again :D

  9. tracklsit lookin hot mate!
    downin as we speak,feedback followin!!
    and keep up the good work with productin mate,curious for the next batch of tunes!!!!

  10. All arguments aside, I’m happy to report that Sinistarr sent me another mix today, and I’m equally as happy to report that this mix is MUCH better.

    More often than not, criticism is given and taken the wrong way (especially on the Intertubez), and for someone to go out of their way to ‘clear their name’ speaks volumes about their commitment to the craft.

    I thank you very much, Mr. Sinistarr, and whether or not it was your intention, you’ve proven to me that you can do better than what was originally posted.

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