DJ Shroombab, “Austria’s first lady of Drum&Bass”


“DJ Shroombab, “Austria’s first lady of Drum&Bass” (Knowledge Magazine, Sept.2004), provides us with two brandnew dj-mixes recorded for her radio show at”


Barbara Wimmer alias Shroombab, born and raised in Austria (Europe), started listening to drum’n’bass around 1996 when she discovered the sound of her heart during a trip to UK. At this time she was already writing for different music magazines, when she was invited to start her own radio show at Radio FRO back in 1998 on a Saturday night. Many guest DJs appeared on her show and their sounds gave her the inspiration to start dj-ing and producing herself. In 2000 Shroombab met MC Terra and together they founded the Junglistic Sistaz, formerly a crew that has developed into a successful data:base for female junglists now. Many club and rave promoters, in whole Austria and all over Europe, invited the girls to play. During the last years, Shroombab has performed in 20 countries and more than 600 clubs, mostly as a headliner herself, or alongside artists like Bad Company, Dillinja, Dom&Roland, Dieselboy, DJ Storm, Makai, Dylan, Cyantific and Mickey Finn. She is now known for spinning hard- & techstep drum’n’bass with dancefloor- and jump-up orientated rhythms, wicked basslines and atmospheric breakdowns. She’s very vertasile though and can play liquid lounge and radio sets with soulful drum&bass as well.
Apart from that, Shroombab always had a big interest in music production, and it was back in 2000 when she started producing her own tunes. Since this time period she additionally collaborated with Mr. Polarity from Germany for most of the early productions, as well as Tomkin from Trickdisc Recordings. In March 2002 they founded the drum’n’bass-label “High Tension Recordings” with the aim to spread the sound internationally. Meanwhile her tunes got dropped into sets by Aphrodite, Mickey Finn, Andy C, L Double, Nicky Blackmarket and many more big name DJs. She got tunes signed to labels like Urban Takeover(UK), Protogen Rec.(GER), Urbadon Rec.(USA), Thermal Rec.(USA) and Trickdisc Rec(AT) and PhunkFiction(GER). So you definitely have to keep an eye on that lady!

1. ? – @ The Controls (???)
2. Triple Soul – Dub Focus (Touching Down)
3. ? – My Way (???)
4. Tommy Knocker – Liquidator (Intercom)
5. Chase & Status – Love Theme (Bingo)
6. Dc Breakz – Noize Dub (Restless Natives)
7. St.Cal – Little Man (Soul:R)
8. Qbit – Dream Area (Drop On Request)
9. Henree – Shake Da Funk (Touching Down)
10. Syncopix – Fade Away (Brandnu)
11. Tomahawk – Straw Dogs (Hospital)
12. Visionary feat. Jenna Andersen – Rush (Hustlin Beats)
13. Cyantific – Reincarnation Dub (Hospital)
14. Digital – 48x (Timeless)
15. Calibre & High Contrast – Mr. Majestic (Signature)
16. Bass Tikal & Mex-E – The music (Dub)
1. Bill Laswell vs. Submerged : Summery execution (Corrupt Souls remix) (Ohm)
2. Phono – Eidolon (Combat)
3. Kiko – Haze (Shadow Law)
4. Contour – Moving Higher (Greg Packer Rmx) (Cymbalism)
5. Chase & Status – Zulu King (BC)
6. Audio & Damage – Subatomic (Invader)
7. Audio, Mackie, Wrisk – Fast Trip (Invader)
8. GBK – Vector Sigma (Reapa)
9. Audio – The Warrior (G2)
10. John B vs. Maryln Manson – New Shit Remix (Rockgod)
11. Counterstrike – Merciless (Moving Shadow)
12. Audio & Jatt – Changes (Invader)
13. Audio – Nostrama (G2)
14. Noisia – Fade 2 Grey Remix (Love)
15. N.Phect & Dizplay – Centroid (Su3-ject Remix) (Trickdisc)
16. Kiko & Mc Mecha – Sabotage (Shadow Law)

27 thoughts on “DJ Shroombab, “Austria’s first lady of Drum&Bass”

  1. had to say laughed at first comment on here. she is a stunner tho. on the DL now. big ups DJ Shroombab for tracklist.. looks nice.

  2. In “dub & bass” set, the 14th song is “Sound Killer”, from Digital. 48x is the flipside of the 12″.

  3. and it is a nice selection from a cute DJ. we need some girls who plays like her here in Brazil…

  4. yes… respect is due….
    this woman puts together some of the best mixes i have heard from anyone in years… and anyone who says otherwise is tha’ booby!
    …check to listen to some of her archived shows…nice one, shroombab…keep it up!

  5. best mixing uve heard for years? you obviously dont get out much… she CANT mix she’s out on at least 3 off them mix’s (which incidently only last one bar each )!! wakey wakey. still she played mr majestik tho so we’ll let her off

  6. ez guys.. shes just a normal girl .. with normal tits and tight mixing.

  7. thx for the positive comments! :) to the people who did not enjoy the mixes: sorry, i can’t and won’t please everyone’s taste, rather i represent the style(s) of dnb i feel! if it’s not your taste, i can’t help you. and to the first two posters: thx for grabbing the whole attention to this thread – it obviously caused a maximum of postings – 18 replies – damn – just because of my titts! WTF! :(

  8. wow nice boobs,first mix is ok second mix is unforgetable and so are the tracks and the artists such as Audio, Mackie, Wrisk they are just second rate.John b vs marlyn manson i mean cmon its kids shit.I thought the first one was ok :) now to that nookie post.

  9. sorry, but i could’t help myself when i saw those pushed up boobies :D

    nice selection and clean mixing on both sets, tho sometimes i feel your xfading is going too quickly.

    p.s. djane luxy got even more attention with over 20posts.. i think that’s just all because of that “female on the decks” thing.. hehe

  10. “best mixing uve heard for years? you obviously dont get out much… she CANT mix she’s out on at least 3 off them mix’s (which incidently only last one bar each )!! wakey wakey. still she played mr majestik tho so we’ll let her off”

    ok liltza, whether you think shroombab’s technical mixing is flawlessly tight or not (and I tell you it’s a good bit better than most) and whether or not you even know what a bar is (which from your comment, i would suspect you don’t…) i would remind you there are many more elements that define an excellent mix such as track selection, programming and… FUN! (again, she gets an A++ in my books).

    but personal taste and childish bickering aside, i am truely dissapointed to see that on a forum that claims to be about music, the majority of the comments here are not directed at the music at all… gender aside, shroombab has skills many others do not. rekognize.

  11. du siehst geil aus aber dein style in sachen mukke………
    naja geschmacksscache

  12. “best mixing uve heard for years? you obviously dont get out much… she CANT mix she’s out on at least 3 off them mix’s (which incidently only last one bar each )!! wakey wakey. still she played mr majestik tho so we’ll let her off”

    soz but i hav to agree, the mixes are very short, and she doesnt seem to have much style which is what i think liltza is pointing out, her selection is nice, for want of a more discriptive word, need more females in the scene so i big her up for persevering in a male dominated scene but one again i have to be honest and say i have, quite often heard better, maybe in time she will improve, i’ll keep my ears peeled.

  13. Shroombad, you put yourself in the public eye, so be prepared to deal with stupid comments.
    just keep on wat ya doing girl….. Gotta give the girl props for putting down the mix, how often do you see Lady dj’s that can half mix? well you get the best of both worlds with Shroombad… she has the Talent and the looks the industry is looking for AND can actually get her mix on….
    good luck on your journey Shroombad, ignore the horn dogs, they mean no harm, its typical bs you’ll run into..

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