Uncut Anger – Unending Penance 29/04/05


“A new mix from Dutch demon Uncut Anger. Going from a deep, dark and gloomy mood to pure pandemonium. Expect to hear things that will make your skin crawl and grind your teeth. Always on the look out for new ways to convey the dark essence of his mind to the crowd, Uncut Anger has included some unsigned talent to the mix.”

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Statements on upcoming artists..

Described by Uncut Anger as “Commercial Suicide material”, Fractional (Netherlands) produces some of the most snappy and tight beats, cuts them up and manages to create immense depth in his tunes. Unsigned so far, but this kind of quality won’t go unnoticed for long.

Drum ‘n Bass soldier in the most literal sense of the word. This producer from Finland brings in the heavy guns with bass lines like WMD’s and beats that turn dance floors into war zones. This artist is just waiting to be signed as well and will leave his audiences with post traumatic stress syndrome in the process.

Ones to watch:
Limewax: Satan’s little helper (Freak, Obscene, Technical Itch, Avalanche)
SPL: Acid saturated master of noise (Sinuous, outbreak (ltd), Disturbed)
PRSPCT: The Netherlands just got a little darker, thanks to Thrasher (label manager).”

1. Amit: Soundwarrior: Commercial Suicide
2. Fractional: Constant Function: Unsigned
3. Seba: Shapeshifter: Secret Operations
4. Kid entropy: So far (Eye-D remix): Citrus
5. Klute: Rosemary: Metalheadz Platinum
6. Seba: External reality: Secret Operations
7. Fractional: Humbug: Unsigned
8. Ewun: Hatemachine: Barcode
9. Chase & Status: Hoodrats: Habit
10. Hive: Neo (Dom & Roland remix): Violence
11. Limewax: The Limit: Avalanche
12. SPL: Bullets: Disturbed (dub)
13. Audio & Illusive: Vader: Invader
14. B-Key: The Test: Freak
15. Enduser: Manoeuvre: Soothsayer
16. Ewun: Face Off: Barcode
17. Enduser: Blood and Metal: Outbreak
18. Evol Intent: Suicide: Renegade Hardware
19. Taajuus: Bloodlust: Unsigned
20. Exile: Devil’s Chimney: Evol Intent
21. Hidden: The resonators: PRSPCT (dub)
22. Vortex Involute: Army of Doom: Outbreak ltd.
23. SPL: Obsession: Outbreak ltd. (dub)

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