DJ Redeyes – Live in Bangkok @ Club Culture 06/2008

DJ Redeyes in Bankok


At Dubway Red rocked the the dancefloor along side mc Youthman. It was so good to hear the freshest dnb tunes from europe and also youthman rocked the mic in fine stylee. It was also great to see everyone going off to the music. I’m hoping that I get another chance to book him next year.

Redeyes is back with a live mix showcasing the finest old and new soul-dripping beats by himself. Recorded live in Bankok for Homebass Communications. This one will sweeten up your Sunday 100%. Watch out for Redeyes album “Poetry In Motion” coming soon on Spearhead Records! Excellence!

01 Redeyes & Eveson – State Of Mind [Forthcomin Channel 82]
02 Redeyes, Random Movement, Mutt & Mc Mike Romeo – Groove Thing [Poetry In Motion LP]
03 Redeyes – Turn Around [CIA Deepkut]
04 Redeyes & Deeizm – Luv & Haight [Poetry In Motion LP]
05 Redeyes – Hey Lover [Bingo]
06 Redeyes & Sweed – Poetry In Motion [Poetry In Motion LP]
07 Redeyes – Seperate Ways [DUB]
08 Redeyes – Conart [Poetry In Motion LP]
09 Redeyes – Clapslap [CIA Deepkut]
10 Redeyes – Cruise Ship To The Stars [Poetry In Motion LP]
11 Redeyes – Born With A Headache [Forthcomin Brand:Nu]
12 Redeyes – Dusty [Poetry In Motion LP]
13 Redeyes – I Live [Creative Source]
14 Redeyes & Sweed – The Night Is Over [Poetry In Motion LP]
15 Redeyes – Soul Brother [W10]
16 Redeyes – Let It Shine [Poetry In Motion LP]
17 Redeyes – Pusherman (S.P.Y. Vip) [DUB]

20 thoughts on “DJ Redeyes – Live in Bangkok @ Club Culture 06/2008

  1. thanks respects guys sick redeyes set twisted soul selection how sick is track 3 redeyes turn around too much man

  2. can’t get enough of the liquid sound, it gets better and better every day.


  3. logged on praying for a new good mix. today is going to be a great fucking day.

  4. 14 Redeyes & Sweed – The Night Is Over [Poetry In Motion LP] oh lord have mercy!

    Sweet jazz music!!!

  5. Damn, keep up the great work, Redeyes!! The Night is Over and the other Poetry in Motion tunes are absolutely brilliant! This 12″ is a must-buy.

  6. Cheers, loving this, Redeyes is hot hot hot.

    can anyone offer any info when Clone 1001 D.Kay remix is coming out?

  7. I think its fantastic that he plays all his own tunes.. I think thats what artist ideally should do. Looking froward to listening to this.

  8. Not the best mix i have heard from Redeyes. ‘I Live’ is still the standout tune, along with ‘Turn around’ & ‘State of mind’……..yes some good music but i feel Redeyes hasnt really progressed much as an artist since his earlier works.

    When is the Redeyes & Peyo collab “Seconds of pleasure” being released?

    How come the LP is not on Bingo?

  9. [Comment ID #431229]

    Isn’t Soul Brother, Luv & Haight, and a few others considered his early years as an artist? Granted most of them only are being released right now, but those tunes have been around for ages. I remember listening to them in late 05, early 06… I love his music, I personally feel that he is one of the most consitent artists out there. Although, his new CIA release kinda suprised me as far as sound, kinda not his usual funky soulful sound, but I did still like it.

    Side question though, when is “Days of Wine and Roses” getting released???

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