DJ Friction – The Mix Show 29/07/2005 (Grand Finale)

1xtra friction


“DJ Friction leaving The Mix Show
After nearly 3 years of association with 1Xtra I’m very sad to say I’ll be leaving my Mix Show at the end of July. I’ve loved doing the show and I’m gutted to be leaving but unfortunately with my general work schedule increasing so much something has to give and I’m not in the position to commit myself to the station as much as required.”

“I want to big up all the listeners who tuned in week in week out because its you guys that have made it what it is. I also want to send a big thank you to everyone at 1Xtra and everyone that has guested on the show over the past year or so. I will be touring the USA on the 14th July but I’ll be back on the 28th for an absolutely massive show with some big guests! Hopefully we can match the vibes when Marky, Dynamite and SP came on.

It doesn’t completely end there either because you’ll be able to catch Sappo every Monday night between 2am and 6am from the beginning of August.

Once again, big up to all the listeners for your continued support, I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. Peace!”

DJ Friction – The Mix Show 29/07/2005 Bryan Gee Guest Mix
1 – c clear & code breaker – 2 tone sound
2 – shy fx – everyday
3 – ppb – gals
4 – logistics remix of burial
5 – blame – ?????
6 – ???????? – super fly
7 – high contrast – what we do
8 – kosheen guilty remix (not strider)
9 – ???????????????
10 – hazard – selector – 22 min

25 thoughts on “DJ Friction – The Mix Show 29/07/2005 (Grand Finale)

  1. Now that friction has left lets get someone a bit different to host the show, Sappo is jump-up, Bailey is choppage, Flights quite dark & rollin, so I suppose someone who plays across the board, but please not Dillinja or any of the overrated clown step massif. in actual fact who cares .. its too early for this shit, im going back to bed.

  2. Mampi swift is honestly one of the worst producers in the scene, i mean his tunes go beyond the twisted individual school of crapness. Ive yet to hear a single tune of his that doesnt remind me of a cartoon theme tune played on a gameboy. awful, yet he is popular. why is this? I put it down to pikeys in caps on pills but thats just my theory

  3. Well this is set of his is more than good… he’s showing great skill and I really would like to be able to catch him live someplace

  4. come now strafe… Mampi’s made some classics such as The One, Hi Tek, Trippin’, Blaxploitation (to name a few). Ok fair enough, his latest stuff aint really all that especially when u compare to his old stuff, but the man still deserves the respect he gets. Couple of those tunes from the Music Forever LP he played sound pretty good imo.

  5. not just those classics! mampi was a DON on the pirate KOOL FM back in the day. i used to love the “1 on 1 show” he was presenting with NAVIGATOR. mostly jungle/ragga stuff then, he already played excellent fast mixes and together with (a singing, wayyy better) navi that was mind blowing. i still remember most of the tunes like “warning” on philly blunt. great times :)

  6. lol strafe i have seen some of your comments and laughed but this one tops them all! mampi has produced some fine tunes in the past and his mixing skills are what makes him so popular you chief, big up knuckles you know!
    sappo is jump up?! bailey is chopage?! flyte is dark??!! lol

    big up friction moving on to bigger and better things, gettin this one is a piece of history in my opinion.

  7. i saw mampi swift at starscape back in early june in baltimore….it was an honor to see him on american soil.

  8. mampi and bryan gee’s track selections here are poo poo anoying

    gonna miss friction for sure-
    THAT SPIRIT TRACK @ 27:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ok i am also a big fan of friction and bailey but we cant say mampi or b.gee is shit.they r fookin big names and made lots of important thingz 4 the scene.


  10. show a little respect??

    I didnt realise that it was compulsory to get down on your knees and fellate the big name DJs just cos they’ve been around for so long, who cares, if their recent stuff is below par then its our right, and duty, to let them know this so they can get their acts together. for example Roni Size, Dillinja, J Majik, DJ SS etc Guys who made quality classic tunes and now produce childish shit thats an embarrasment. fucking circus music for retarded 6 year olds! sort it out

  11. P.S. Mampi Swift is dreadful – ok the One is a classic, but new stuff like Hackers, Break the Mould? give me a break, this shit is drifiting towards happy hardcore territory

  12. The Mampi Swift tune that drops at 32:43 of part 1 (“Music Forever”) is, let’s be honest, a little bit silly. Strafe has a point about the old “Nintendo-Step”…

  13. Knuckles – It was called the 1 to 1 show
    Just letting you know

    Strafe – big up for your honesty, but back in the day Mampi was a legend (i know your not disputing that) and that’s probably why he gets so much props even if he may be poo now

    Inperspective for ever

  14. full tl>

    01. Noisia – The Tide
    02. ? – ?
    03. Breakage – Prophecy VIP
    04. Spirit – ?
    05. Commix – ?
    06. ? – ?
    07. The Militia – Let Loose (TC Remix)
    08. Mampi Swift – Music Forever
    09. Mampi Swift – Trippin’ (Gridlok Remix)
    -Mampi Swift Mix Starts-
    10. ? – ?
    11. ? – ?
    12. Blame – Solar Burn
    13. Pendulum – Girl In The Fire
    14. Mampi Swift – Moonraker
    15. ? – ?
    16. Mampi Swift – Feel Me
    17. ? – ?
    18. Marcus Intalex – Outta Space
    19. ? – ?
    20. Dillinja – Style Baby
    21. Mampi Swift – Hackers
    22. Fresh – Foreigner
    23. Subfocus – Frozen Solid
    24. Mampi Swift – Phenomenon
    –> Pendulum – Slam
    –> Mampi Swift – Hi Tek
    25. Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)
    -Mampi Swift Mix Ends-
    26. ? – ?
    -Friction Mix Starts-
    27. ? – ?
    28. Dillinja – The Angels Fell
    29. Dillinja – In The Grind (Remix?)
    30. Ed Rush & Optical – Funktion (Marky & Bungle Remix)
    31. Noisia & BC UK – Meditation
    –> BC UK – True Romance (VIP)
    33. Photek – Two Swords (Teebee Remix)
    34. Randal – The R (Jay Jay & Mark C Remix)
    35. ? – ?
    36. Leviticus – The Burial (Logistics Remix)
    37. Friction & Nu Balance – Slipstream (Logistics Remix)
    38. Shy FX – Plastic Sou
    39. ? – ?
    –> Mr. L – Back To Your Roots
    40. ? – ?
    -Friction Mix Ends-
    41. D-Bridge & Calibre – Hot Flush
    -Bryan Gee Mix Starts-
    42. C Clear & Code Breaker – 2 Tone Sound
    43. Shy FX – Everyday
    44. Potential Badboy- Gals
    45. Leviticus – THe Burial (Logistics Remix)
    46. ? – ?
    47. ? – Super Fly
    48. High Contrast – What We Do
    49. Kosheen – Guilty (Distorted Minds Remix)
    50. ? – ?
    51. Hazard – Selector
    52. Clipz – ?
    53. ? – ?
    54. ? – ?
    56. Clipz & Die – Black Doves
    57. ? – ?
    58. TC & Jakes – Deep
    59. ? – ?
    60. White Stripes – ? (High Contrast Remix)
    61. ? – ?
    62. ? – ?
    63. DJ Krust – Warhead (TC Remix)
    -Bryan Gee Mix Ends-
    64. Ill Logic & Raf Feat. Don-E – One Step To Glory (Total Science Remix)
    -Friction Mix Starts-
    65. ? – ?
    –> Roni Size – Brown Paper Bag
    66. Q Project – Obsessions
    67. A.I – Shin kan sen
    68. Shy FX & T Power Feat. Jenna G – Feelings
    69. Creggz & Parallel Forces – Red Octopuss
    >> Clipz – Holdtight
    70. Shy FX – On The Run
    >> Logitstics – Together
    71. ? – ?
    72. Q-Project – Ask Not (VIP)
    –> Ebony Dubsters- Ra
    -Friction Mix Ends-
    73. Makoto & MC Conrad – Golden Girl

  15. yo guyz u r gettin me all wrong- i also hate those guyz new tunez and dj sets as well. but all i am sayin is:we r in this scene 2gether and we must show respect 2 different styles and opinions.even 2 some clownstep shit or whatever u call it :)) cause one day those new comers (6 years old retarted guys or olders) may start understandin the good and deep sides of dnb. so give em a is normal they choose a easy way in but as i told u.ppl can change :))

  16. big up golz matey ;-) you know the score, i havnt heard anything mampi’s produced which has struck a cord with my ears lately and the last set i heard was without a doubt directed at a croud who love the more bleepy boppy borderline poppy dnb, but i dont think it was ever particularly his production which got him so much recognition and RESPECT, strafe trust me that man could mix like no other at one point, i have some memories of having my head proppa messed with by his mixing! i dunno if you ever caught him playing out back in ’94/5/6 ect but i tell you he blew my mind on a few occasions!! therefore he will always have my respect for his input toward the scene you know and love today. hey soz for the long post, not usually my thang, just have to square yall up :-)

  17. i’m sorry whatever you wanna throw at mampi swift he is without question one of the best djs even across the entire genre of dance music some of the things he does with decks are barely even possible. People who come on these forum whining of about how people are shit at this and that. You couldnt even begin to try to produce a tune so dont shit on him.

    The guy is a fuckin leg end and will defy any1 to go and see him and not move like a bitch although ppl like strafe would prob do it to prove a point – thats jus how lame some ppl in the scene are – go out have fun – fuck it if it sounds silly a tune u will like will come round soon enough – ride it out without whining to your mate

    sorry for the rant pisses me of


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