Dj Dymond on 1Xtra – The Mix Show 12/12/2006

Dymond @ 1Xtra

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It’s taken a while but I’ve finally uploaded the 4 hour mix show i did for BBC 1Xtra! I had just got back from Las Vegas the day before (Didn’t win anything!) & this mix pretty much sums up my mood on the night/morning. All mixes & tunes selected are done spontaneously as always & many styles of D&B are included…

One of the most dedicated Soldiers in Drum and Bass gets on the decks for 1Xtra. If you rather want to download the Mix in smaller doses, you can get it split in 5 Parts @

Do The Math – Quarter Past Time – (Dub)
Mistical ft DRS – 11th Hour – (SoulR/Signature)
Icicle & Switch – These Golden Days – (Avalanche Promo)
Calibre – Carry Me Away – (Signature Promo)
Alix P – Just Memories – (Horizon)
Redeyes – Pusherman – (Bingo Promo)
Mistical – Mistical Solution ft Ras Tweed- (SoulR/Signature)


Santorin – On The Rise – (Super8Sounds Promo)
Calibre – Mr Right On – (Signature Promo)
Sabre & Alex P – Solitary Native – (Shogun Dub)
Broken English – Trying (Calibre Rmx) – (Promo)
Mutt – Hot Lick Squeeze – (Creative Source Promo)
Mistical ft Robert Owens – Believe – (SoulR/Signature)
3’s Company – Company Flow – (Super8Sounds)
Dymond & T Sound – All The Things – (Advanced Dub)
Beta 2 & Zero Tolerance – Perserverance – (Liquid V)
Mistical ft Jenna G – Time To Fly – (SoulR/Signature)
Alex P – 9Th Wonder – (Progress Dub)
Noisia & Shanodin – Angel Eyes – (Engine Music)
Mutt – Hands Free – (Renegade)
Alex P & Redeyes – Clone 1001 – (Bingo Promo)


Survival ft SL – Red Hot – (Intasound)
Skitty – Side By Side – (Progress Promo)
Origin Unknown – Lunar Bass – (Ram)
Atlantic Connection – Last Thoughts – (Creative Source Promo)
Heist & Studio 12 – Creeping Dub – (Digital Sound Boy Promo)
AI – Bloodlines – (Widescreen Promo)
Benny Page – Dub Room (Rhythm Beater Rmx) – (Cutterz Choice)
Noise Factory – The Future (Breakage Rmx) – (Knowledge & Wisdom)
Break – Authentic – (Quarantine)
Tactile – Aldabra – (Dispatched)
Teebee & Noisia – Shower For An Hour – (Subtitles Promo)
Break – Yes – (Commercial Suicide Promo)
Dymond & T Sound – Terminate – (Vibez Dub)
Break – Ringing Ears – (Commercial Suicide Promo)


Phace – Reservoir – (Subtitles)
Verse & SP – Surrender – (Crunch Promo)
Phobia – The Messenger VIP – (Hardware Dub)
Dymond & T Sound – On & On – (Advanced Dub)
Mistical – City Life – (SoulR/Signature)
Logistics – City Life – (Hospital)
Survival – Alpine – (Dispatch Promo)
Mistical – Amen Electric – (SoulR/Signature)
Dan Instrinsic – Living With Last Night – (Dub)
Skitty – Spangler – (Dub)
Rufige Kru – Special Request – Metalheadz
Phobia & Loxy – Bass Rhythm – (Xtinction Agenda Dub)
Dom & Roland – Watch Me Know Rmx – (Illskillz Promo)
Phace & Noisa – The Feed – (Subtitles Promo)


Theory – The Versionist – (13 Music Dub)
Survival – Caught On Me – (Dispatch Promo)
Survival – Keep It Coming – (Shogun LTD)
Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cays Crays (AI Rmx) – (Kartel)
Dymond & T Sound – Always You – (Dub)

27 thoughts on “Dj Dymond on 1Xtra – The Mix Show 12/12/2006

  1. Have only been listening to certain parts of this but the tunes I’ve been hearing are *killer*. Nice mix 8)

  2. tracklist looks great, the show sounds great! breaksblog is great!

    and i have to say; Dymond & T Sound – All The Things, realy caught my ear!!

    this music is madness!!!

  3. Nice one Amplifier!

    Nothing but 4 hours of straight, spontaneous mixng with no ciggies, spliffs or alcohol!

    PS: A little secret is that MOST DJ’s pre-record the 1st half of their shows….shhhh!


  4. Usually, the longer the mix, the more watered down it gets. This mix (at 4 hours no less!!!) is a huge exception to this apparent rule. Really consistent with quality tunes.

  5. This mix is full of energy with a wicked range of style’s .

    A great journey , tight mixing , this DJ is one to watch out for in the future for sure .

    A true Drum and Bass soilder .

  6. this mix is brilliant!
    THE BEST 4 hr mix I ever heard!
    thanks for posting this… something I can totally groove to and never get bored!

    cheers to Dymond!!

  7. Big up Dymond for the heavy set.

    None of that pre recorded or preplanned shit !!

    This DJ knows what to mix next by sense. Now thats feeling the music

    Pure talent

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