DJ Cansoe – Tuesday Brunch 08/2007

DJ Cansoe - Tuesday Brunch 08/2007

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DJ Cansoe back for PFRadio with in the Mix going strictly Vinyl with tunes by Zero Tolerance, Skitty, Survival, Calibre, Icicle and more.

Here is my latest little Mix for you Guys. I will be on Holiday in Portugal the next two weeks so it might get a little bit quiet on here for a while.

PS: is looking for DJs.

01. Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 – 5 Spot (InnerGround Records)
02. Spirit – Orchid (InnerActive Music)
03. Skitty – Sweet Vibrations (Bassbin Recordings)
04. Marcus Intalex – Immersed (Revolve:R)
05. Survival – Alpine (Dispatch Recordings)
06. St. Cal – Henshaw Dub (Soul:R)
07. Lynx – Uno (Creative Source)
08. Nu:Tone – Deep Old (Hospital Records)
09. Steve Spacek & Calibre – For You Alone (Exit Records)
10. Icicle – Remember The Days (Shogun Audio)
11. SP:MC & Verse – Lost Souls (Crunch Recordings)
12. Break – Mr. Crystal (Soul:R)
13. DJ Insight – Etchings (Horizons Music)
14. Saburuko – London (Future Thinkin’ Records)
15. Doc Scott – Tokyo Dusk (31 Records)
16. Survival – Stasis (Play:Musik)
17. Zero Tolerance & Beta 2 – Your World (InnerGround Records)

25 thoughts on “DJ Cansoe – Tuesday Brunch 08/2007

  1. Survival – Stasis is such a tune.. could buy the vinyl fast enough as soon as promo came out last week.. its got the proper art sleeve too instead of usual blank promo vinyl.. so everyone I recommend you get this tune.. the other side (Gravity Bourne) is f**king awesome too

  2. hmm.. the dubstep week was truly more interesting than all the drum & bass mixes since then.. definitely uncatchy selections from all DJ Cansoe, Alix Perez, Aaron Jay and Phil Source.. compared to previous mixes this year. the summer slump..

  3. @ pyh..

    U are crazy… The Aron Jay and Alix Perez mixes were killing anything during the dumb-step week.. 4sure..

  4. the perez mix reminds me why dnb is so much better than dubstep. dling this mix, thanks Tim

  5. while downloading this one, i just can say that the aaron-jay-mix is a fantastic mix, just as well as the krunchtime-mix. so it is/was great week for downloading on mighty breaksblog. big up cansoe! tl looks nice…

  6. so i donated to because it is a great thing to have.

    my question to nate is; where’s the thank you email? ;p


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