Aaron Jay – Mix for Breaksblog 08/2007

Aaron Jay

host: dnbshare.com | info: myspace.com/djaaronjay

Swerve resident Aaron Jay returns for another exclusive mix for Breaksblog. Expect nothing but the freshest plates rolled out nice and tight.

1. 5 Weeks – Lomax
2. Junction – Brother
3. Inside Man – Zero T & Beta 2 feat. Steo
4. Allure – Lensman
5. Inside – Survival
6. Almost There – ICR
7. Under The Bridge – Eveson & Lomax
8. Call Off The Search – DJ Vapour
9. Trip It – Calibre
10. Freedom Club – D-Bridge
11. Jungle Drums – Furney
12. Counter Point – Lynx
13. Inkasso – Seba & Krazy
14. Subway – Deep Inc.
15. The Dynamic – Kjell
16. Future Funk – Soul Intent
17. Togetherness – Calibre
18. Somebody Else – ICR
19. Urban Sprawl – Naibu
20. Machines – Eveson

57 thoughts on “Aaron Jay – Mix for Breaksblog 08/2007

  1. I don’t like ICR. Totally boring, I don’t know why cool labels like counter intelligence & offshore keep signing his tracks.

  2. Aaron this mix is mighty fresh (Freedom Club!!) keep doin the damn thing, thanks for supporting my tracks and thanks ac for the props!

    Brother-Junction is flexin as well. this whole mix is proper.

  3. Bigup Aaron! So tight mix like always.. Feel dem dubs!!
    craazy man!

    Oi, peeps, is there someone who might know if/when the zero t tune’s gonna be released or sumthin?


  4. @OwenPaulStory
    I don’t like ICR. Totally boring

    are u sirious? Almost There – ICR is just a awesome track imho…

  5. heard the first icr tune on soulution radio. moving tune

    and wicked mix aaron

  6. hahaaaa again with the misspelling of lenzman… this is getting hilarious

    mate, the swerve crew really has it in for you :-)

  7. Whoooa… heavy mix. Big up Aaron Jay! ICR and Naibu are sick bruv.
    Keep’em rolling dog!

    Lekke your a mug! Have you nothing better to do but pick at a typo, this aint mastermind you twat!

  8. Eze bro nice mix ,defo hook up soon , steve played you ‘second look’
    yet ?

  9. @reason: its not just a typo on breaksblog, you can see the listings on fabios show and a few other places, people just cant seem to spell his name right, and i’ve seen it so often that every new instance cracks me up

    lenzman is a friend btw, a role model and a really really nice cat… big up ya sir

  10. I first heard ICR in Bukem and Conrad’s Progressions Sessions Germany Live 2004 mix. Track was “Splashdown” and it was a stand out track for me. It’s good to see ICR is getting some placement in other mixes.

    Well I just finished the opening track and the follow-up track as well. I can already tell this is gonna be a good one.

  11. Aaron Jay…..realy realy realy!!! Coool cooool cooooool….about your mix….its sounds of lifeeeee! eee! Respect from Kiev city, Ukraine)

  12. firing set , nice contrast between light and dark

    what’s the name of the tune that drops around the 34th minute. nasty sub bass with the ‘strike!’ vocal

    the bass then sounds like it’s laughing at me

  13. RE: what’s the name of the tune that drops around the 34th minute. nasty sub bass with the ’strike!’ vocal

    The track is Freedom Club by D-Bridge

    another wicked mix by Aaron :-D

  14. Nice mix…Lynx – Counter Point & Naibu – Urban Sprawl..cant wait the releases …too fresh =))

  15. man this mix goes down so smooth — expertly mixed, with such a nice blend of harder and lighter styles, but all with one thing in common: they go waay deep

    goddamn that last 15 minutes though… wow

  16. off the chart mix!

    Super tight mixing and a champion track selection.

    Tunes that stood out:

    Kjell – The Dynamic
    Furney – JUNGLE DRUMS
    The tune around the 19-20 min mark
    NAIBU-URBAN SPRAWL!!! (what is the sample in this???)

    Every other tune fit nicely…the Lynx track is interesting.

  17. damn, eveson – machines is summink else

    props to eve for not being afraid to sample outside of the ‘soul’ or ‘funk’ box an come differently!!

  18. 10. Freedom Club – D-Bridge
    11. Jungle Drums – Furney
    13. Inkasso – Seba & Krazy

    V.nice tunes here. Big up aaron jay once again, truly keeping the scene alive – the definition of forward-thinking.

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