DJ Cansoe – Bridge The Gap Vol. 1 10/2011


Yours truely selecting from the hip with a nod to the past. Organic beats somewhere between jazzy rollers, dubby bits and good old blodclart jungle techno. Hope you enjoy!

Soultec – Session Two Take One
Phatplayaz – Agent
Mr Joseph – Neccesary
Toez – Holland (Aquasion Remix)
The Insiders – Manhattan
Calibre – Touch Me
Digital & Outrange & Klose – Work For It
Use of Weapons – Mojo Woman
Aquasion – Rainy Days
Decon – Ghost Tune
Flowrian – Recharged
D Minds – Directions
Voyager – Long Distance
David Boomah, Serum – Why They Wanna
Calibre – Foreign Bodies
Digital, Morphy and Raiden – Cheeky
Skitty – Hornsman
Raiden – Genex

11 thoughts on “DJ Cansoe – Bridge The Gap Vol. 1 10/2011

  1. Yes! Been a while. I must say your past mixes are some of the best I’ve heard here on Breaksblog. Thanks!

  2. Nice to see cansoe’s on a vibe from last time I checked breaksblog, a mix of his from years back. (even from pressing play brings back memories man)

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