D-Bridge feat. SP MC @ Rinse FM 10/06/2009

D-Bridge© arealfake

info: myspace.com/exitrecords

D-Bridge and SP SM guesting at Rinse.FM for a “Why Not?” special. Get ready for some futuristic glitchy bleeps and klonks by one of the pioneers and a couple of classic tunes in a similar vain from back in the day.

01. ???
02. Consequence :: Fog [Exit?]
03. ???
04. Abstract Elements :: Wrong Way [Exit]
05. ASC :: Focus Inwards [NON PLUS+]
06. Abstract Elements :: Abysmal Depth [Exit]
07. Consequence :: Pseudo Echo [Exit?]
08. Optical :: Moving 808s [Prototype]
09. Dilemma :: Sping Box (Matrix Remix) [GENETIC STRESS]
10. Dan Habarnam :: Rendering the Garlic Boy [X-tinction Agenda]
11. Consequence :: Rollin Supreme [Exit?]
12. ST.Files :: Crackden [SOUL:R]
13. Untold & Instra:mental :: ???
14. Dbridge :: Your a Star

30 thoughts on “D-Bridge feat. SP MC @ Rinse FM 10/06/2009

  1. Is this supposed to be drum n’ bass? ok nice sounds and all.. but these awkward and simple rhythms reminds me of some cheap synth default loops. Maybe I just dont get it.

  2. jeez the heavyweight mixes keep appearing thick and fast this week…. sweet :-)

    Loving dbridge’s work

    Consequence – Fog is not track 2 though…. I remember that from autonomic layer 1

  3. yeah, number 2 is not fog and number 13 is not untold & instra:mental…
    don’t know what they are tho :D

    but that’s a wicked wicked mix!
    deeper than deep!

  4. fwd bound music tothe fullest with a couple of stone cold classics

    and that ST Files tune..

    fucking amazing

  5. @ krq: it wasn’t an Untold & Instra:mental track in the fifth podcast either.
    someone thought it was and the tracklist just got copied.
    but it isn’t.

  6. Big mix!

    Maybe it should be posted here, there is a new presha samurai set, it’s worth it!

  7. woah track that drops at 41:23 consequence – rollin supreme i think … now that is one eerie and filthy tune…

  8. This mix is defenatly a high quality high level mix i heard this year.. This vibe is major and so perfect dope.. Ive got no other words then Big up mighty D Brigde and SP MC killa selection and a smoooth flowing mix..

    Yeah minimal dnb 808 boom boom i like

  9. Intalex dropped Crackden on RMBA 13. Its recently been everywhere, and I dig it.

  10. f*cking great mix, love the atmospheres, this mix goes definitely fine without an MC

  11. Crackden and that untold & instra:mental tune….. so fuckin heavy!

  12. Crackden was made just before Xmas 08′
    Intalex dropped it in Athens at our party as the last tune of the set. mashed it right there>>>

    big up your chest dBridge man..
    the sound is sweeping waves worldwide at the moment
    and yes it is new, fresh and away from the norm

    can’t wait to have our autonomic night in Athens with him & instramental plus SP :D

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