17 thoughts on “Bryan Gee – MonthOfMovement Mix for DOA – 10/2005

  1. An average mix of poorly produced full cycle junk n some reasonable good tunes ruined by vocal bullshit which is too loud and unnecessary “im here with my beer n blunts with the big dog Bryan Gee” … what the fuck??? needless Westwood style cock tugging of the highest order… skip this and get the Mosus mix instead (movement part 1)

  2. Another Goldie style mix, produce a great record label but can’t mix with all the duplates from that label in the world :)


    PS MC’s are paid to screw up mixes on purpose :)

  3. This isnt an MC its pre recorded samples played over the top – much more annoying.

    TradEmarx – a well thought out and valid point, clearly you are a mind to be reckoned with (Moron!)

  4. Sounding ok.. apart from the quiet volume!!! whats up with that?!

    P.s – You all talk shite, especially Strafe.

  5. i like it. not the best ever, but still smooth in the background while i’m working. fine! and of course a lot of fresh tunes. that makes it special.

    however, has somebody got the full mix? the day before yesterday i downloaded 160 mb and it ends abrupt. yesterday i tried again and it was like 69 mb. today the same. wtf?

  6. a rather sketchy attempt at a t/l from doa:

    1. Laurent Garnier – First Reaction (Marky Remix)
    2. Dave Angel – Rotations (Marky Remix)
    3. ???
    4. Q Project – ???
    5. Solar Burn VIP?
    6. ???
    7. Friction & Nu Balance — Slipstream (Logistics Remix)
    8. Die & Clipz – Good Old Days
    9. (Clipz & Die — Black Crows??)
    10. Roni / Reprazent – Jazz 2005 Mix
    11. Roni Size – Bite The Bullett
    12. Kabuki – Steroid Funk
    13. Drumsound and Bassline Smith – Superfly
    14. TC – Flip Flop
    15. ???
    16. london elektricity – i don’t understand (c+pf rmx)
    17. ???
    18. ltj bukem – music
    19. ???
    20. total science – deepee (marky rmx)
    21. ???
    22. ???
    23. makoto & kabuki feat. deeizm – look of love
    24. ???
    25. ???
    26. ???
    27. ai and d-bridge – odessa

    i really wanna know what track 15 is…

  7. why are people bitching on this? its not a legendary mix but i’ve heard alot worse on here; dude played some new tunes and it was chill….yea the “dj clue-sqe” “new shit new shit new shit” voices sucked, but they always suck when people do that…

  8. Nice 1 rene, track 15 is the new limewax & klute bit i think… Unsure of the title, but its forthcoming on certificate 18

  9. miserable lil gits…. i remember when you never got the choice, the diverse styles in jungle, just one jungle, you loved it or you didnt, mc did it for you or not. all you lot got to many sub genres and mc’s to hate on, you dont appreciate the versatility of this music.
    never mind the mc if he gets on your wick, i liken it to having a conversation with someone and having the tv in the background, easily ignored, never mind if it aint your kinda selection, you can always learn summink new and never mind if you think its a bad mix, dont fuckin listen to it!
    (just been reading the comments on some recent mixes and this one)
    i think strafe and some others are total perfectionists, ever searching for the perfect mix and mc, if you find it let me know ;-)

  10. Yes woozie, big up, that would’ve taken me a week to write that… Nicely summed up bruv

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