Who the fuck are the Bachelors Of Science? @ Sappo Mix Show 13/09/2005

Bachelors of Science

(Bachelors Of Science Mix @ Sappo Mix Show 13/09/2005)

any rehost would be greatly appreciated! come on all you server admins, webspace owners :)

coverart: WhoTheFuck.pdf | host & info: bachelorsofscience.com

Sappo mix show 13/9/05 – Bachelors of science mix

Bachelors Of Science ft Audio Angel | Nobody’s Fault ( Rene ‘s Sunday Morning Mix) (Santorin Recpords)
Dramatic | Wrong Means Right (Phunkfiction Records)
Alix Perez and Specific | Feeling Inside (Dub)
High Contrast | Magic (Hospital Records)
Brooklyn and Bachelors Of Science | Wicked Ways (Horizons Music)
Method One | Yesterdays Dust (Dub)
Bachelors Of Science | Sometimes (Dub)
State Of Mind | Virgin Dub (Dub)
Alix Perez | Calypso (Dub)
Jebar | Secret Love (Dub)
State Of Mind | Sun King (CIA)
State Of Mind | Mindslicer (31 Records)
Big Black Booty | Battle Weapon V3 (Dub)

19 thoughts on “Who the fuck are the Bachelors Of Science? @ Sappo Mix Show 13/09/2005

  1. i have to add that even tho this remix is much better mastered, I prefer the original of “Nobody’s Fault” . Guess I just got used to it . Wicked mix btw, having my second run now

  2. ez all … and cheers Tim for addin this up. =)
    Yeah Lekke, the mix of Nobodys Fault on here is different to the version that will be coming out. The one on Santorin is much more like the original and a bit more laid back on the beats, you’ll like it.
    Watch for more from us in the future… “Escape” is coming on Touchin Down Recs in the next few months, and there’s more collabs with Zyon Base, State Of Mind and the one like Stunna (which you can check on his mix below this one).

    cheers all.

  3. Hi, are you still in need of some hosting for this mix? I can oblige, just give me a shout back and I can send you FTP details.

    Best Regards,


    {multiple music site owner}

  4. smooth mix,
    good to see germoney signed the good vibes with nobodys fault ;)

    big up horizons for signing wicked ways, good stuff coming out there.

  5. this mix is nice – mind slicer wasnt quite what i expected as a last tune, but that battle weapon dub made up for it.. i’ll host this as soon as i can get back to my home computer… im on vacation right now :-)

  6. Good stuff, but who the fuck are batchelors of science? Ha ha ha, theres no end to my comic genius…

  7. Mixing is a bit meh in places but fckn dope choons! Wicked Ways always makes me cream my pants fckn love that choon it’s fckn BAAADDDDDD!!!!!

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