ESB – Travel Mix 10/2005


host: | info on ESB:

“Here is a studio mix i ripped out for hungarian radio (torespont radio from
budapest) to help promote my upcoming jaunt to Europe this coming
february. hope you dig it.”

01 – polar – g-string – levitated limited
02 – dissident – microcosm – cdr
03 – asc & rogue state – space probes – covert operations
04 – vectorn burn – orchid – warm communications
05 – resound – greedy faces – translation
06 – spinline – glide – l plates
07 – beta 2 – vicious circle – metalheadz
08 – skc – space pigs – hostile
09 – nucleus & paradox – love her – esoteric
10 – deep blue – destroyer (seba remix) – scale
11 – marcus intalex – instrumetal (for a change) – soul:r
12 – d-bridge – belief – creative source
13 – calibre – got a thing – signature
14 – fracture & neptune – bless me – bassbin
15 – breakage – wheezer – scientific wax
16 – pieter k – maze – subvert central

34 thoughts on “ESB – Travel Mix 10/2005

  1. ^agreed

    yeah the first half has some suspect tunes but after “love her” it gets going with the good sound

  2. BRILLIANT mix!!! i never thought anyone would use vector burn’s orchid; i love that track!


  3. Can’t front on Polar and that ASC bit is RAD 8)

    I think everyone is being a little hard on the first bit ;)

  4. aa = anal abuser at it again… Hating up the place left, right & centre! Fix up bruv, try being positive. 1st 2 tunes r poor thats about it… Eastern europe are killing it @ the mo. Good stuff coming thick & fast, 2nd half is better… & yes everybody loves drugs deep down… :.)

  5. Man, I’ve been listening to this website for about 3 years………

    I have seen the best Underground Drum n’ Bass move through here & I have seen the worst….

    The point is, is that there aren’t that many great Dnb music coming out these days and every time you think a well known DJ is going to drop something hot……….

    You find out that it’s just another dissapointment time after time.

    I’m what you call………..”Old Skool” – Hardcore when it comes to drum n’ bass and I love “Jungle” , “Acid Jazz Dnb”, and “Drum Funk”. But what the fuck is up with all this rickarack, I mean theres so many styles of Drum n’ Bass that it practicly lost it’s own idenitity???

    Now in the “DnB Scene” it’s all about “BASS” and not enough “BREAKS.”


    In my opinion the best years Drum n’ Bass was………..the years “1993-1995” that was back when the real good shit was coming out!!!!!!!! I mean don’t get me wrong……….I do love alittle bit of some of the new guys thats come round Dn’B…………example

    Calibre , Breakage , High Contrast , Silberfish etc.

  6. But I don’t know if it’s me or something………But haven’t you guys missed the “Breakbeat” in DnB???? Now a days there almost like no breaks anymore!!!!!


    I mean I sure in the hell don’t get it???? Whatever happend to that “Hardcore” Urban Street Sound or Acid Jazz , and not this bullshit “Happy Hardcore” , that everybodys listening too!!!!!! Geez I mean this shit is starting to sound more like “Techno” and not like Drum n’ Bass……….also theres way too much fucking bass……..!!!

    If we listen too 2 much Bass……………Then theres really no point in the song what so ever!!!!! I DON’T WANT TO LISTEN TO A FUCKING SONG THAT HAS NO MELODY OR BREAKS OR REAL INSTRUMENTS BESIDES………….”BASS”

    Thats what all these so called “Brixton” Producers are making now……..





    So anyway I just wanted to get this off my chest………

  7. if you want old school d&b check these mixes out session1-june-2004.mp3
    Patio Session Vol.1

    01 – flytronix – rare tear pt.2 – moving shadow 1996
    02 – tek 9 – is it on? (endemic void remix) – ssr 1996
    03 – dj food – fungle junk (lemon d remix) – ninja tune 1996
    04 – solo & aura – summer madness – mo’ wax 1995
    05 – higher sense – out there – moving shadow 1996
    06 – deep blue – helicopter track – moving shadow 1994
    07 – boymerang – the river (vip) – regal 1997
    08 – photek – kjz – science 1996
    09 – reprazent – brown paper bag – mercury 1997
    11 – lemon d – change remix – v 1997
    12 – souljah – rolling – hardleaders 1996
    13 – ez rollers – rolled into 1 (photek remix) – moving shadow 1996
    14 – peshay – the real thing – mo’ wax 1996
    15 – dj pulse – destiny (flytronix remix) – all good vinyl 1996
    16 – zohar – the unknown – still live recordings 1997
    17 – pfm – the mystics – good looking 1996
    18 – ez rollers – retro (guardians of d’alliance remix) – audio couture 1997
    Patio Session Vol.2

    01 – rob dougan – clubbed to death (wax doctor remix) – mo’ wax
    02 – frank dewulf – drums in a grip (wax doctor remix) – harthouse
    03 – chameleon – links – good looking
    04 – wagon christ – pull my strings (boymerang remix) – rising high
    05 – wax doctor – kid caprice (funk mix) – r&s
    06 – jmj & richie – free la funk (pfm remix) – moving shadow
    07 – shogun – wind dancer (remix) – r&s
    08 – sounds of life – currents (remix) – certificate 18
    09 – studio pressure – touching down…planet photek – photek
    10 – forme – new elements – mo’ wax
    11 – koda – the deep – deej jay
    12 – t-power – elemental (sociospective mix) – sour
    13 – d.o.p.e. – travelling part 2 – good looking
    14 – omni trio – thru the vib (2 on 1 mix) – moving shadow
    15 – foul play – open your mind (foul play remix) – moving shadow
    16 – pmf – one & only – good looking
    17 – deep blue – fantasy #2 (jmj & richie remix) – moving shadow

  8. i think the internet has changed jungle….all these people are now listening to jungle and not understanding that a live show is different than just chilling in yur room listening to some dnb…the internet junglist has entered the arena- one who has never been to a real party or in a grimey backroom representing.

  9. Cool mix. Confusing arguements being brought forth. Reading some of these above statements make me wonder what you are trying to explain? I personally listen to all types of electronic music and like to enjoy it in both settings be it home or a club.

  10. Well said Mr Dank, its an age thing aswell, too much chin stroking underaged analysis going on… If you want to listen to a crafted, thought out, musicscape, listen to a studio mix… But you get exactly what it says on the tin from a live show, vibes a plenty & m.c’s, not everybodys cup of tea, but if you were there you were more than likely loving it!… Too many haters, not enough love!

  11. Boom Selector, do all the users over at the subvert central site know that the breaks are dead? the seem to think it is quite alive and seem to push that sound.

  12. I’ve heard the arugements and comments from “Dank”,”Mr. Quito”, & “Breakestra”…………..

    Also “Confused Drumlist”…….. you should “CAREFULLY” re-read my message and LOOK FOR THE “THREE WORDS”called………

    “THE POINT IS” which basically states what i’m trying to say…………


    “Baltimore Dank” here’s what I have to say about your comments………

    First of all I’ve seen Live shows before and have witnessed some great DJ’s spin some mad shit……. :)

    The internet hasn’t changed “Jungle” do to the fact that without the “Internet” Drum n’ Bass couldn’t be heard by people all over the world. Basically what i’m saying is that Dn’B as a music genre wouldn’t have reached the hights it has reached today if it wasn’t for the “Internet.”

    Further more……….

    Many DJ’s of todays time owes the “Internet” a lot of respect, do to the fact that they’ve have gotten more listeners online……….

    than people coming to see them play live in a Club atmosphere.

    The “Internet” is a most powerfull tool, and Record Producers know this……!!!!!

    So without the “Internet” how the hell is Dn’B ever going to spread it’s wings????


  13. well, LOL heavily opinionated peeps of late eh?! cant dis the net, specially if someone comes up wiv pt 1 n 3 ;-)
    but i got to say,

    a live show is different than just chilling in yur room listening to some dnb

    is all correct!

  14. For someone whom spouts such knowledge about d&b/jungles post you seem to forget that this shit use to be called jungle tekno. then again who am i to argue
    with an american about the roots of this music. west coast represent!

  15. Boom Selector. I dont know what the hell your listening to these days but melody has never been such a big part of dnb than it is now. I dont know why you are hating so much on dnb today….dnb has always been known for its diverse nature. Its always been assimilating other elements from all types of music and putting them in breakbeat format. Thats dnb. It was about evolution when it started… coming outta Acid and Hardcore. Thats what its doing now, still evolving…just cuz you prefer an older sound doesnt mean that dnb is defunct. There is a time and place for all types of dnb.

    I think dnb is strong right now, sure their are more producers than ever b4 and odds are your bound to get some crap outta some of them but its no reason to fear the sky is falling chicken little. Learn to spell and lay off the Haterade its going str8 to ya brain.

  16. Your welcome.

    And Im an American too, but I made an effort to learn about roots. So dont think too poorly of all of us ;)

  17. Even better Mr Punctual, i don’t want to diss americans in the slightest… Heavy set of d&b dj’s/producers/artists and people in genaeral coming from over ther eright about now and for a long time… But definateley not the birthplace of d&b. Still, the birthplace of pretty much everything else music wise, so respect is due. :) Don’t like argueing with peeps, but Mr Selector had to be put right for his own benefit! Peace

  18. Yeah it was real uncalled for. If the mix isnt your slice of cake then dont take a bite. Dont sit here telling us how this mix is supposedly representative of how all dnb sux these days and not even be able to intelligently debate why you have such a conviction. So yeah calling out was the best thing to do with that one.

    Theres all sorts of good stuff happening on both sides of the pond these days and Im loving it. Its been growing slowly here and finally gaining ground in North America so I couldnt be more excited these days.

    So yeah its a massive hijack but Im sure ESB wouldnt mind us sticking up for what we beleive in. Back to the tunes!! Ez all.

  19. the internet, serious business=P yea, the internet is cool cuz alot of yall folks can check out the tunes, but has it actually increased turnout at clubs? i dont really know if jungle has gotten too much bigger than back in ’95, i could be way off or i could just be observing whats been going on in baltimore(a grimey medium size city- all big junglist stop in baltimore & dc)…theres more dj’s, but this is still an aquired taste and i dont really know how big jungle can get…i can accept this.

  20. Feeling the multi national jungle exchange man ;) , alot of people in England think d&b is very different across the pond… But obviously ravers are like-minded everywhere you go, especially where d&b is concerned! Hopefully, whether it be listening @ home or hitting the clubs/raves, everybodys out to have a good time…

  21. big ups Sarnia, you guys and audiophile are holding down the chemical valley tight with dnb, born n raised, n proud in some sort of twisted way. you guys know you have my support. some of the sickest Ontario has to offer. RESPECTAHHHHHH!

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