Bal – Gold Soundz Mix 10/2010



Vintage time! A mix by Bal (Influence, Vampire) entitled “Gold Soundz”? Yes indeed this is some oldschool treat by the man from Budapest rolling out the music that back then was known as “atmospheric” drum and bass. Some extra smooth blast with beats and blops from 1995 and beyond that you should not miss out on.

10 thoughts on “Bal – Gold Soundz Mix 10/2010

  1. Tracklist:

    1. q project – solar system
    2. dj pulse – let you in – wax doctor remix
    3. pfm – one and only
    4. wax doctor – i need yr love
    5. lemon d – urban style music
    6. alex reece – nu era
    7. wax doctor- the spectrum OMG!!!
    8. hidden agenda – ? cant remember
    9. hidden agenda – on the roof
    10. alex gopher – the child – source direct remix
    11. frank de wulf – drums in a grip wax doctor remix
    12. therapy – loose – photek remix

    Wie lieblos ist das denn bitte gemixt ?

    Gleich nach dem ersten Übergang abgeschalten.

  2. Sorry for negative feedback Bal, but the first mix is a bit of a chopper! Not normally the style I’d expect for such rolling / flowing tunes. No offence, just my humble opinion… cheers

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