Bal – “A Mixture Of Old And New” Studiomix 12/2009



Bal is back with a teasing mix of old and new … Don’t forget to grab a copy of the “Out There EP” on Influence Records hitting the stores tomorrow. More forthcoming beats by the man include “Roughie / Tirez” on play:music, “Summer Storm” on Critical, one of my favs called “All City” on Brand:Nu and another tune called “Lithium” on Vampire.

01. wax doctor – the step
02. d bridge – inner disbelief
03. bal – tirez sur la pianiste
04. marcus intalex – paranoid
05. bal – the trendy tune
06. jonny l – part of you
07. bal – roughie
08. dillinja – cybotron
09. calibre – forgot the name sorry
10. bal – all city
11. scorpio – trouble
12. calibre – in denial
11. bal – summer storm

12 thoughts on “Bal – “A Mixture Of Old And New” Studiomix 12/2009

  1. This is mix solid and the E.P. is Killer – The Trendy Tune B-Line is the most low banging ting i’ve heard since i have no idea?!

    Big up Bal.

    P.S. like the girl in that picture ;)

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