Andy Skopes – Live @ IChi Ryu Sessions – 03/08/2008

Andy Skopes asking for beer(?)


Andy Skopes tearing down the place live in a modern jungle style. Breaky drums, sublow bass … from fierce to atmospheric and back again. Don’t miss out peeping the tunes in his myspaz player either. Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr …

Andy Skopes – Crime Scene [Dub]
Andy Skopes & Coerce – Sunlight [Dub]
Andy Skopes – Old Emotions [4th Dimensions Dub]
Dub One – Pressure Of 1000 [Soothsayer Dub]
Andy Skopes – Oriental 808 [Dub]
Coerce – La Femme [Dub]
Sativa – Behind The Mask [Syncopathic Dub]
Madcap – Innervisions [Dub]
Andy Skopes & Mako – In The Raw [Utopia Music Dub]
Dub One – The Spirit Within [Syncopathic Dub]
Sativa – Think About It [4th Dimensions Dub]
Andy Skopes – Spirited Away [Inperspective Dub]
Andy Skopes – Replicant [Dub]

16 thoughts on “Andy Skopes – Live @ IChi Ryu Sessions – 03/08/2008

  1. damn! i just previewed the mix in the reader and this is immediate download!

    love to hear a DJ on fire….

    thanks for sharing this as usual mate!

  2. Old Emotions is one fantastic tune!!! Nice oldskool/GLO-ish feel to it… I can’t wait this to be released. It reminds me of his tune These Sounds, I used to play that one all the time in my sets…

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