Alix Perez B2B Sabre Live From HQ, Oxford 17/11/2006

Alix Perez b2b Sabre

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HQ is one of Oxford’s finest Drum and Bass nights, catering for the more headzy side of the Drum and Bass scale for the last 4 years.

3 hours of Sabre back 2 back Alix Perez. Heaps of fresh tunage and golden oldies. Big!

01 Kryptic Minds + Leon Switch – Minor Nine – Defcom Dub
02 Grand Masters – The Dreamer [Teebee Rmx] – Vampire Dub
03 Survival – U457 – Exit dub
04 Icicle – Numbers – Medschool Dub
05 Verse + SP – Surrender – Crunch Dub
06 Peshay – Predator – Metalheadz
07 John B – Prowler – Beta
08 Shanie – You’re gonna miss my face [Dillinjah rmx] – Cybaspace
09 Commix – Electric – Metalheadz Dub
10 BCUK – True Romance [VIP] – Metalheadz Dub
11 Spectrasoul – Cherry Smoke – `Horizons Dub
12 Alix Perez + Fats – Down The Line – Shogun Dub
13 Sabre – Untitled – N/A
14 Breakage – I N I – Digital Soundboy Dub
15 Focus + Lomax – 5 Weeks – ???
16 Mos Def – Panties Bootleg – ???
17 Marcus Intallex – Love and Happiness – 31
18 Calibre + Zero T – Waterfall – Signature Dub
19 DJ Die – Jittabug – Full Cycle
20 Origin Unknown – Sound in Motion – Ram
21 Mampi Swift – 2nd Strike – True Playaz
22 Cause 4 Concern + Fierce – Carrier – Quarantine
23 Mistical – Mistical Dub – Soul:R
24 ??? – Just 4 you London remix – ???
25 Photek – Consciousness – Metalheadz
26 Nookie – Self Destruction – Dread
27 Switch – Hillside View – ???
28 Alix Perez + Fats – SoulSeeker – ???
29 Mistical – Solutions – Soul:R Dub
30 D’Bridge – Last Straw – Exit Dub
31 Drifter – Sun Seeker – Metalheadz
32 Skitty – Tall Cool One – ???
33 Makoto – Easterm Dub Pt2 – GLR
34 Spectrasoul – Adoration – ???
35 Furney – Drum Tools – ???
36 Icicle – So Close – Medschool Dub
37 Teebee + Calyx – The Shape of things to come – Subtitles Dub
38 Do The Math & Alix Perez – Onyx – ???
39 Saburuko – Green Horn VIP – Horizons Dub
40 Marcus Intallex – How you make me feel [Photek rmx] – 31
41 Calibre – Vice – Creative Source
42 Represent – Out of the Game – Mercury
43 UFO – Something Out There [Twisted Anger Remix] – UFO
44 Terrorist – Dark Soldier Pt.II – Dread
45 Capone – Friday – Hardleaders
46 Klute – Revolution – Shogun
47 Alix Perez – Masquerade – Shogun Dub
48 Sabre – Riverside – Lucky Devil Dub
49 Sabre & Zero T – Deadly Rumours – ???
50 JB – Say What – Back2Basics
51 Spirit – Mind 2 Mind – Shogun Dub
52 Broken English – Trying [Calibre Remix] – ???
53 Alix Perez & Sabre – Solitary Native – Shogun Dub
54 Andy Skopes – Good 2 Bad Babylon- ???
55 DJ Die – Clear Skies – Full Cycle
56 Icicle + Switch – These Golden Days – ???
57 D’Bridge vs Dwele – Hold On – ???
58 Dillinjah – All Aboard – Valve

31 thoughts on “Alix Perez B2B Sabre Live From HQ, Oxford 17/11/2006

  1. as always by Perez & Sabre a nice selection of tunes mixin it up in a very smooth, electric way…thanks for hosting on breaks!

  2. OH EM GEE!!!!! loving this…can’t get enough of these guys spreading the good stuff all around :) If only someone would bring them stateside to the Washington, DC area….. *swooon*

  3. I don’t get the sense of these reloads all the time…

    Still, really enjoying this one!

  4. Ive never understood the whole rewind bullshit .. its shite.. theres no other form of music where the DJ feels the need to noisily drag the tune to a grinding halt when everyones dancing so that he can start it again… Its so annoying when ur properly moshin along to a tune all screwfaced n some MC keeps shouting bout reloads and the music stops..


    Does anyone.. i mean ANYONE enjoy these rewinds in clubs.. honestly im interested…

  5. learn some history kraal…….. rewinds and mcs are part of dnb history. rewinds are essential in all soundsystem based music such as reggae, dancehall etc. imo an mc that knows his job can add a lot to a good clubnight, also i think rewinding a dope tune at the climax of the night is a must aswell.
    there are not many rewinds in this recording anyways so stop bitching ffs.

  6. second that one tim. Rewinds have been there from the day dot since the birth of jungle music. You think this is bad…you go to a dancehall night(reggae) and some tunes get wheeled up all 4,5 and even 6 times. It adds to the hype man. A good mc should get the people to scream for the reload. Then if the people are feelin it and the people demand it…then the people get it. This is a heavy set so just chillax yourself and enjoy.

  7. Hello people,

    Glad everyone (well nearly everyone) is enjoying the set. As for the rewinds thing, this is a LIVE set, the rewinds are there because the crowd at the time were going absolutly crasy for the tune and sometimes you just need to pull it back and hear it from the top. It was a great night and it was nice to see people going properly mad to tunes of a more deeper vibe

    Catch more about out night here >

    Thanks for the breaksblog people for the rehosting

    Will – Azonica

  8. haha whining about rewinds?!that makes me sad.really.of all the things to complain really glad a site like breaksblog exists.its always disappointing to see ppl like that abusing something like this.try going out,and get some fresh air into your lungs.maybe that?or go to a up a girl.enjoy proper tunes mixed up?why make things so complicated?kraal you need to relax.ill buy you a drink if i see you…:D

  9. like Azonica said, teh rewinds are there because this was a live set and the place was going crazy!! heavy heavy set from Alix and Sabre!

  10. Back to the rewind thing……yesss rewinds are part of the foundation and very important to this musical culture indeed… yet all cultures and forms of art improve and learn… and i agree with the fact that rewinds are wack….they ruin the set….they were cool in the nineties.. its time to move forward… shit soon djing will be obsolete let alone vinyl…. we will progress into pure live soon enough i beleive …. then we will really laugh at .. the ”rewind”’ anyways why doesnt the link work well for this hefty mix?

  11. rewinds are not wack, when called for they’re extra good!
    only time they suck is in your bedroom but on the dance floor they can be highly appropriate!

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