Subwave – Mix for 24/11/2006



Subwave from Russia reaching all corners in this exclusive mix for Section8 on

1. D Bridge Vs D Kay – Nothing Is True (Exit Recordings)
2. Commix – Talk To Frank (Metalheadz)
3. Misanthrop – Viper Fish (Subtitles)
4. Logistics – Contour Wheel (Hospital)
5. Shimon – Crossbow (Ram Records)
6. Subwave and Electrosoul System – One (Phuzion Dub)
7. Agent Alvin – Pick Me Up (Full Cycle)
8. MistiCal feat Rastweed – Just A Little Herb (Soul: r)
9. Xample – Sound Clash (Frequency)
10. Subwave – Better Love (Full Cycle Dub)
11. Dan Marshall feat Tashi – I’m Gone (Bios Dub)
12. Ill skillz – The Great Escape (Ill Skillz Recordings)
13. Muffler – Perfect Numbers (DUB)
14. Rufige Kru – Special Request (Metalheadz)
15. Agent Alvin – Don’t Let Go (Horizons Dub)
16. Heist – In The Stix (Co Lab Dub)
17. Logistics – Everything Is Illuminated (Hospital)
18. Subwave – On My Mind (New Identity Dub)
19. Heist – Semi Skimmed (Grid Dub)
20. Xample – The Mutants (Frequency)
21. Loxy and Munk – The I Inside (Dub)
22. Architex – Altitude (Blu Mar Ten remix) (Architecture Dub)
23. Break and Survival – No I.D. (QUARANTINE)

13 thoughts on “Subwave – Mix for 24/11/2006

  1. Hella nice mix here! Its always good to see some lighter and heavy tunes paired up in the mix. Its always stays fresh that way and you dont get burnt out on a certain style.

  2. ахуенный микс! )) жжот Глеб

  3. Still listening to this mix and it still does the trick. MORE SUBWAVE please!

    15. Agent Alvin – Don’t Let Go (Horizons Dub) = Agent Alvin – Pick Me Up on Full Cycle. [FCY091]

  4. 7. Agent Alvin – Pick Me Up (Full Cycle) = Agent Alvin – Don’t Let Go (Horizons Dub)

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