Seba – Studiomix for “Do Androids Dance” – DAD073 03/2014

Seba – Studiomix for “Do Androids Dance” – DAD073 03/2014 (320kbps, 49mins)


Swedish producer Seba has been on point for years. Seriously. Not too many producers within the drum & bass scene can start off on LTJ Bukem‘s Good Looking Records and say that, 15 years later, were both relevant enough to be aligned with everyone from Metalheadz to Hospital, but be able to take the bull by the horns and explore whatever they wanted whenever they wanted.

Seba mixing the beauties and the beasts, pure bliss. Make sure to grab the excellent Mesmerism EP that has just been released while you are at it.

01 Seba & Paradox feat Robert Manos – Lie to me
02 Gremlinz, Rumbleton & The Untouchables – Apache – Samurai
03 Seba&paradox – Delusions
04 Digital – Bitter Wind – Rupture
05 Seba – Life is – Secret operations
06 Seba – Mesmerism – Secret operations
07 Reza&Gremlinz – Thaw – 31 records
08 Seba – Scince fiction – Secret operations
09 Nether – Sunset dub – Cylon recordings
10 Seba & Paradox feat robert manos – Because
11 Seba & Method One – done with this

6 thoughts on “Seba – Studiomix for “Do Androids Dance” – DAD073 03/2014

  1. whooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Seba back with Paradox?! This is the news of the year. Seba is and has always been my favourite! Some killer tracks in there, thanks breaksblog for the great mix!

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