Paul T – TILT Audio Guest Mix for InReach 01/2013

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In-Reach caught up with head honcho Paul T, Edward Oberon & Mafs to chat about the launch of their brand new label ‘Tilt Audio’ which officially launched today, Monday 13th January. Paul T has also kindly put together this hot new guest mix for In-Reach featuring some fresh new cuts from some of the scenes biggest producers. Make sure you check it out below!

Paul T recorded this mix in appreciation for the TILT Audio Launch a new Label courtesey of Paul T, Edward Oberon & Mafs. Slick, mature and sexy tunes in this tidy mix. Get on it and read the the full interview here.

01 Calibre – Close to Me – Signature Records
02 Paul T & Brother –Voices – Tilt Audio ‘Dub’
03 Penny Giles,Protone & Roy Green – Change my Name – Liquid V ‘Dub’
04 Paul T & Edward Oberon – Do It – Tilt Audio ‘Dub’
05 Dramatic – So Good – ‘Dub’
06 Paul T & Edward Oberon – Somebody Else – Liquid V ‘Dub’
07 Paul T & Serum – I Want You Back – Mac 11 Recordings ‘Dub’
08 Flaco – Its Ok Girl – ‘Dub’
09 Edward Oberon – Clark – Tilt Audio ‘Dub’
10 Paul T – Never Where – Mac 11 Recordings ‘Dub’
11 Paul T & Edward Oberon – Long Overdue – Fizzy Beats
12 Paul T & Mutt – Hips Thighs & Alibis – Renegade Recordings

5 thoughts on “Paul T – TILT Audio Guest Mix for InReach 01/2013

  1. Oh yes, great mix! These guys keep me connected… Thanks to the artists and to breaksblog of course!

  2. Yeah man we’re loving the mix rite here in Johannesburg, South Africa. We’re still on the third track “CHANGE MY NAME”. Its awesome…….

  3. The last track is the illest. “HIPS THIGHS AND ALIBIS”. When’s it comming out? Its needed…

  4. Really diggin ‘CLARK’ by Edward Oberon. Good thing its been released already. Seriously awesome tune. Well done Edward. Keep ’em coming. We’ll support you all the way…

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