Marky b2b Zinc @ The End, London 30/09/2005

The End, London


Marky and Zinc entertaining alongside Mc SP, Cleveland Watkiss, Dynamite and Mc Stamina. (One Mc at a time only! ;))

“Taken from the awesome September party when DJ Marky and Zinc went back to back over four turntables and two mixers. This has to be heard to be believed!” (

48 thoughts on “Marky b2b Zinc @ The End, London 30/09/2005

  1. Brockout 2 the highest degree! Zinc &marky on form… 2 many mc’s not enuff mics tho, haters beware! Amazing still, can’t ask for more, nice 1 tim :)

  2. Grrr dont download part 3, its part 3 from the dj marky and friends gig a couple of months ago.

  3. is it possible to get pt.2 in mp3 format? Im at work and cant install real player ;(

  4. yea whats up with the first download link?? anyone have this available for download??

  5. dont bitch about megaupload mrquito, its at that speed because it has unlimited d/ls for a year. much better than yousendit where you would be bitching about someone rehosting it all the time cos the 25 d/l limit keeps getting maxed out. I dont know if or when part 3 is coming and someone should convert part 2 to mp3, I would but my uploading speed sucks real bad.

    End of rant :)


    yet another mix ruined by an mc

  7. Who rattled your boat? Everybody knows megaupload is shite! Unfortunate for you your internet knowledge is far greater than your manners…

  8. Theres putting your point across and then theres writing a fucking essay, noone is going to read that you pompous tosser! Unbelievable… dont you have anything better to do?

  9. Whoah, missed alot in two days… Caused a riot though ;) Nice, like people are saying dank,got the gist of your essay but can’t be arsed to read the whole thing… Cuntus & strafe have hit the nail on the head! Plus… And this is a big plus… How the fuck where you there @ the start of jungle, when your from fucking america? Don’t tell me your Gridlok or Dieselboy lying through your teeth now… Only truly english music in the world bruv! Essays are gay…

  10. Reading on tells me how much bollox you actually speak! Your under the grand illusion d&b was an american thing? You joker man… Seriously you must be crackers, or think everybody else is fucking stupid! Techno what? Boundries this? You ain’t got a clue! The ordasity to use terms like “d&b taking a baby walk in the uk” is frankly offensive… Apart from all of the above, the very base of your whackness is your a hater. D&b’s on a downhill my arse! It can never be on a downhill because its d&b… Ya get me? Fix up, stop talking shit, no more essays! Boom selector indeed

  11. Yeah great out of the blue paste over of the same junk from the ESB travel mix comments area Boom Selector.

    Im with MrQuito. You aint got a clue and pretend like you do.

  12. ffs….that yankie is smoking crack…..unbelievable….him telling the UK how to make dnb now???? if u think dnb is so shit then fuk off this site

  13. yeah, i went to this. weren’t as good as i thought it would be.

    they just took it in turns…

    u have a mix…. i’ll have a mix….

    was too party orientated…not enough deepness..

  14. To “Mr. Quito” here’s my comments about what you had to say about me…….

    *gives an optimistic look at Mr. Quito?*

    Well, despite being extremely insulted by people I don’t even know. I’ve read mostly all of the posts that my fellow peers have posted about my opinions. And several things have come to mind.

    First I felt like insulting and cussing out a lot of people on here……specially “Mr. Quito”

    Who was the most “mean and nasty”person in theses posts……

    But I’ve come to realize that since you have insulted me and really tried to dictate your opinions on me “Mr. Quito”. That I’m not going to give you the pleasure of having the fun of insulting me another time……….and trying to turn people against me. What I will do is say that “I thought this website was a place where people can, post there opinions on here without to much stress of others trying to come down hard on them.”

    You could have gave me your opinions, in a nice way…………YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO CONTINUE TO INSULT ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    In fact not once did I ever called you any wrong names…………..or even try to dictate you.

    You shouldn’t take your anger out on me, you should be taking it out on the ones who’s taking Dn’B down hill……..example “The Sellouts of Dn’B”. On the other hand how do know if I wasn’t there to see Jungle build its way up???? I mean you don’t even know me and yet you have your nasty comments flooded all over this damm website like you own it my friend!!!!!

  15. Further more when I had said, that I grew up in the “Gangsta Rap Era” in America, I didn’t say I was actually “THERE THERE” when Jungle music was being made in Great Britain . I said that Jungle music was developing around the “SAME TIME” the West Coast was ruling the sound waves back here in America .


    I am not going to insult you and lower down to your level. In fact I was merely trying to explain what it is that is wrong in the Dn’B scene.

    But I guess I’ve already struck a serious nerve in you spinal cord. * lol at Mr. Quito*

    You misunderstood me, and you called me a “Cracker”………..I AM NOT A CRACKER!!!!!

    “And I don’t think anyone in these posts should be called one either”

    Like the great “Lyn Collins said,…………………….(Think About It?)

    You think I don’t know anything about Drum n’ Bass………yet I find it funny that “The Sellouts” that you think is so “dam wonderful”, will be the ones to tear apart Drum n’ Bass piece by piece.

    Mark my Words………

    From the way things look “Mr. Quito”, you seem to be pretty much okay with the “Happy Hardcore” techno routine. And I’ve noticed from the comments you have posted that you’re the type of person who’s into more “BULLSHIT SELLOUT MASS CLUB VIBES”, and “NOT INTO CREATIVE DN’B MUSIC”.

    Maybe I’m wrong????

    Maybe you are into a lot of other things????

    But whatever the case is……..

    You have to understand that there are “Music Companies” that are digging there finger nails into Drum n’ Bass back.. And there plan is to take over this music shit!!! They have already destroyed most of “Hip-Hop Music”. Now there aim, is to try and make some money off of Drum n’ Bass.

    Drum n’ Bass music has lost some of it’s touches with being a “DJ only thing”.

    It use to be a time where “DJ’s own Dn’B”.


    You have “Music Companies” taking interested in this special type of music, and there driving it completely into the ground. IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME. “Then why is it that in “America” you see and hear Drum n’ Bass music being played for Commercial Advertisements. Like vacuum cleaners, and food assures etc.”

  16. I’m a “Hip-Hop Follower”, but I love Drum n’ Bass music! : )

    Drum n’ Bass to me is Hip-Hop’s “Other Brother”, since they both share the same “element”.

    Which is the………………”Breakbeat”


    I just don’t want to see Dn’B start to die out, like “Hip-Hop’s” doing. And be taken over by the same “Music Companies”. Man if I could talk to you personally “Mr. Quito” then you would see what exactly I’m talking about.

    It’s too hard to explain………..and too long of a post!!!!!!

    But I’ve already made my past post………so maybe you should fully read some of them and think carefully as to what I’m trying to say here. But hey “Mr. Quito” this is going to be my last post on this subject.

    So I really don’t care if you start to insult me again. It’s only going to show how little “self esteem” you really have……..

    I’m a musician , and I do in fact have Drum n’ Bass tracks that I have made. It’s going to be a while before I release any of them to the public. But when I do, I’ll make sure I drop this shit the “right way”.

    Not under the “Boom Selector” alias though.


    I hope you have fully read this three page post and are taking some of the things I said to “MIND”.


    It’s not my fault that “LOS ANGELES”, “SAN FRANCISCO”, AND “SAN DIEGO” and the whole “WEST COAST”…………….GOT MORE GAME THAN BALTIMORE!!!!!!

    You “East Coasters” really do think you guys are the shit……………..WELL YOUR NOT!!!!!


  17. Thanx “Woozie” at least i still get some folks who understand wtf i’m trying to say here……….

    But wait tell the bad comments come…………I’m going laugh my ass off at those who wish argue………..when i’m only giving a one sided opinion

    LOL @ “HATERS”

    Shit……..i’m not even trying to diss anybody

    So wtf…..!

    I’m not writing this shit for entertainment…….

    I’m writing this shit………….so that the music i love doesn’t fall into the wrong hands!!!!


  18. Wow pepelepu……….I didn’t know you gave a fuck about my sex life???? wtf

    Like i even care about yours!!!!

    You should get a girlfriend……..

  19. STFU Boom Selector!! If i had my way, i would have banned you from this site a long time ago. Tard

  20. OMG hahahah I laugh at the pitiful bullshit I read on this page.. Boom Selector you are clearly a prick who deserves to be on the recieving end of a donkey punch.

    you laugh at the haters?? well I laugh at you, I dont really care what u have to say as u prob dont care what I say. But someone needs to put you in your place. You dont know shit about drum & bass or anything else for that matter. You should stop breast feeding immediately, seriously mate its wrong!!

    boom selector – ”’I’m writing this shit………….so that the music i love doesn’t fall into the wrong hands!!!!”’

    Well big fuckin deal.. I wasnt aware that the music needed saving, and I certainly wasnt aware you had been sent, like some kind of Moses figure, to save it! Off your high horse you chump so we can all line up to kick you in the groin with steel toe capped boots.

    I’ve prob gone overboard here, but hey this is entertaining, and Im stuck on this PC for another 30 mins so get some!

    I look forward to hearing your tunes, cos u are clearly a ‘bad bwoy’ who knows his shit haha… Your references to hip-hop culture are laughable at best.. and the west coast east coast gibberish made me laugh so hard I nearly spilt my cornflakes… your just another jumped-up yank who thinks he knows it all and everyone wants to hear it. well I got news for u pal, you aint leading but two things right now, jack and shit… and jack left town!

    Anyways this has been fun, Im off for food. peace to all the true D&B fans who keep their feet on the ground and their heads out of their arses (take note boom selector) – shit I cant even write that name without cringing..

    Also good to see Cuntus agreeing with me for once… haha

  21. Look, I’m an American too. But much respect and appreciation must be given to the UK. They fucking pioneered the sound that I (and supposedly you, Selector) LOVE. You’re making all American DnB fans look like asses. Now, this isn’t a post intended to call you out or provoke you Boom, but you should really be careful about what you say.
    I don’t pretend to know everything about anything, especially something that originated in another country. Anyway, biggup all real DnB fans. No matter where they may be.( -yes, i said biggup :) – ) And in addition I personally want to thank the UK for the gift of Drum n Bass- it is literally my lifeforce.
    —BeatFiend-DJ, aspiring producer. If anyone has any tips for producing tunes, favorite new tracks, etc. please post ’em. Thx

  22. to Boom Selector
    If you all want to get technical on where drum and bass might go you, first have to know where it came from, which it doesn’t seem like you do. Hardcore in the early 90’s was a popular genre of electronica. It became so popular it was almost a sell out to some in the scene who were in it strictly for the music and not so much the vibes. So hardcore grew in to seperate parts happy hardcore and drum and bass. Yes some of the roots are in hiphop rap but mainly because of the breakbeat. Not so much the RAP of the rap. drum and bass has MC’s but that mainly comes from ragga. There are also roots of dnb in jazz, hiphop, reggae, breaks, garage, and HARDCORE. Its not like its one specific thing that led to the creation of dnb.
    Knowing that, its obvious that people are always going to want to evolve the music and of course noone is going to have the same idea on which direction that evolution goes.
    To me it’s almost like you’re dissing jump up. Either way jump up has some of the biggest following right up there with tech step. How the music evolves anyways isn’t up to you because you aren’t producing the shit. If you want a say in how the music is sounding, produce something and then talk.

    and finally the UK is where it all started and thats the end of it. There are a few producers in the USA that are decent but noone has put out consistent hits like producers in the UK. Most USA producers are 1 hit wonders aside from a handful of them.

  23. can sum1 pleazse put pt 2 up agen coz its expired due to inactivity please 1 time

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