Marcus Intalex – Mix and Interview for Fabric London 12/2012


Having lived through a couple of his most visible years to date with his debut artist album 21 last year and his explosion in more techno minded circles as Treviono, you’ll probably have heard something from Marcus Intalex’s hard drive over the last 12 months or so. He’s worked pretty hard to prove that his artistry and passion for electronic music can translate to different speeds and move different crowds with releases under the Trevino guise appearing on labels like [nakedlunch], Martyn’s 3024, Ben Klock’s Klockworks, Craig Richards’ The Nothing Special, Appleblim’s Apple Pips and his own Revolve:r imprint.

Mr. Intalex to me is one one of those (few) who still manage to pull of a selection of only Class A tuneage incorporating a versatile selection of styles. Exiting music. Check out the full interview over at fabric.

01. Calibre – The Wash
02. Random Movement – Down Somehow
03. Calibre – Paragov
04. St Files & Response – Hardtimes
05. Reza & Gremlinz – Bloom
06. Lynx & Hellrazor ft. Naomi Pryor – Locked On The Low (D&B Remix)
07. Dub Phizix – Raggo
08. DRS – Bun Ya
09. Escher – Late Snare
10. Break – Slipstream
11. Gremlinz – Conversations (Deep Lick)
12. Paradox – No Consensus
13. Skeptical feat Collette Warren – Always Be Mine
14. Marcus Intalex – Qwer Key 2012
15. Lynx – Balloons
16. Bungle – Astral Travel
17. Phil Tangent – Restitution

18 thoughts on “Marcus Intalex – Mix and Interview for Fabric London 12/2012

  1. Brilliant mix. I’ve been taking Intalex’s mixes a lot more seriously (not that I didn’t enjoy them before but they are now a drop everything and download deal) ever since the sun and bass 2011 session. Thanks for this!

  2. Nice to see a new intalex mix.

    Marcus, if you are out there reading this, do more tours in america!!!

  3. This is so sick I’m commenting again! One of the few times I’ll put up with all the namedropping all over the set.

  4. I agree, such a good mix. Tom, were you at S&B 2011, I didn’t leave the front of the dancefloor all night and Soulution was just incredible. By the way the only reason the likes of Marcus / Scotty put those “lex lex lex” / “future beats” namedrops in is to stop people ripping the dubs and re-posting them… sad but true. Anyway, what a quality mix, I can’t stop rolling it out.
    Other good new mixes you’ll like, in this vibe, are the kasra / foreign concept fabriclive promomix and phil tangent’s christmas mix. Happy New Year!

  5. @kred oh man I wish I’d been there! I almost got tickets to 2012 on the strength of those soulution sets, but I don’t really have any mates into D&B so I’d be going solo – and canada’s a long way to fly from too. Maybe next year eh?

    And yeah totally understand the need for the IDing everywhere… it just drives me f&%$ing crazy when it’s so often. This mix wasn’t quite so bad as others, but it was close to the line for me!

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