Madcap – Atmosphere 5 Mix 04/2014


Mr. Elliot Payne aka DJ Madcap rolls it out. This one is a couple of weeks old but ive been coming back to it alot so here it is. Check the Interview over at and check the even newer Mixtape for Jazzsticks. Great stuff, proper rolling, soulful Drum and Bass!

You can grab the superb “Atmosphere: Deeper Drum and Bass (Chapter 5)” now at beatport or anywhere you like.

3 thoughts on “Madcap – Atmosphere 5 Mix 04/2014

  1. Wow, half way through and one of the most enjoyable mixes I’ve listened to on this blog for a while. Will go back over the previous chapters! :)

  2. Now, I think you did not listen to the last mixes uploaded here when you say that, it’s pretty average and ignorant for you to say. Or is it just the power of marketing takin over you?

  3. ”I see your positive comment and I raise you my negative comment.”

    Good work Nick.

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