Kapsil – Rainy Day Mix April 2005

Deep mix from Kapsil (Washington, USA) feat tracks from Future Engineers, Seba, Blame, Pieter K, Polar..

“it was a nasty day outside today so i decided to stay in have a :beer: and a :spliff: and make a mix, hope ya like it.”

host: kapsil.net

future engineers – organism – 720
seba – metropolaris – warm communications
blame – firestorm – good looking
polar – sit down and dance – breakbeat science
future prophecies – eastern organic – soundtrax
angelzero feat. PL-X – reach further – replicant audio
ezekiel honig – love session (graphic remix) – microcosm
pieter k – nomenclature – replicant audio
sileni – green blue texture jam – thermal
sileni – 4D – outsider
angel zero – satellite’s end – breakbeat science
K.O.T.P. – future (blame remix) – 720nu
polar & john tejada – something – metaformal
junior cartel – visionary dreamer – renegade
erykah badu – you got me (blu mar ten remix)

8 thoughts on “Kapsil – Rainy Day Mix April 2005

  1. glad you like it, i exceeded my bandlimit for april and it should be working soon as it’s may :)

  2. my website’s down so if u want this email me and i’ll send you a copy

    kapsil at gmail dot com

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