John Rolodex – Fuck The System Nov 2004


“Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Sick of watching meaningless bullshit on TV? Feeling oppressed by a corrupt government which serves only to enforce the demands of multinational corporations? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you’re not alone…”

Check out the cover to this mix.

John Rolodex – Fuck The System (128k, 69mins)

“… And now’s the time to do something about it… It’s time to stand up and say FUCK THE SYSTEM. ‘But what can I do?’ you might ask… I’ll leave that up to your brilliant imaginations. But before you set fire to a starbucks, hijack your local TV station or go taxi-driver on your boss and co-workers, you might wish to download a mix I have prepared as a soundtrack for your particular brand of anti-social mayhem.
FUCK THE SYSTEM is a twenty-some-odd track mix of some of my forthcoming (and not-so-forthcoming) music, that I put together to inspire you to just say ‘fuck it’.
Thank you, friends… Enjoy.”

1. John Rolodex feat. Robyn Chaos & Dylan – “The Way I Hurt You”
2. John Rolodex – “U Talkin to Me?”
3. John Rolodex – “Ain’t My Only Girl VIP”
4. John Rolodex – “Self Destruction”
5. John Rolodex – “Machinegun Funk” – Metalheadz
6. John Rolodex – “Break em Off” – Bad Habit
7. John Rolodex – “Punisher” – PI
8. John Rolodex – “Can’t See Me” – Tech Itch
9. John Rolodex & Synoflex – “Novocaine” – Metalheadz
10. John Rolodex – “Fuck The System VIP”
11. John Rolodex – “Battery Acid VIP”
12. John Rolodex – “Futurism”
13. Visionary feat. Jenna Anderson – “Rush” (John Rolodex remix) Dubplate special VIP – Hustlin Beats
14. John Rolodex – “My Sound” – Bad Habit
15. John Rolodex – “Visions of The Lost Continent VIP”
16. John Rolodex – “The Tunnel”
17. Twisted Anger – “Feel Tha Vibe” (John Rolodex Remix) – not being released
18. John Rolodex, Psidream & Mechwarrior – “Personal Demons”
19. John Rolodex – “May 17th”
20. John Rolodex – “Sick & Twisted” – Metalheadz
21. Amenizm feat. John Rolodex – “Amenizm PT. 1” – PI
22. Twisted Anger – “Dread Come to Conquer” (John Rolodex Remix) – not being released
23. John Rolodex – “Shut the Fuck Up” – Tech Itch

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