Jay Rome – Liquid Behaviour 03/2007

Jay Rome BLue Saphir

host: dnbshare.com, info: myspace.com/jayrome1978, blusaphir.com

Mr. Rome is back with a new Studiomix promoting his own Label Blue Saphir Records. Get ready for some summertime Vibes!

chino – jade sunrise – blu saphir recs
the ego, bungle and roots – conquest system – blu
saphir recs
electrosoul system – fun – blu saphir recs
soul mozaics – black sugar – blu saphir recs
soul mozaics – burnin – sidechain recs
influx uk – its love – ???
peyo – thats what you do to me – ???
blu mar ten – headturner – ???
electrosoul system & subwave – one – phuzion recs
swv feat. michael jackson – human thing – bootleg
dj roots – super love – blu saphir recs
contour – synapse (bungle remix)- blu saphir recs
makoto – eastern dub2 – glo recs
kjell – sign of the ages – santorin recs
will miles – lost and found – ???
will miles – mona lisa – ???
d bridge feat steve spacek – last straw – exit

68 thoughts on “Jay Rome – Liquid Behaviour 03/2007

  1. electrosoul system – fun

    ive been lovin this track for awhile, can’t wait to check out the other tasty forthcoming bits on blu saphir !


    whats this ?swv feat. michael jackson – human thing – bootleg… another MJ bootleg ??

  2. its michael jackson – human nature (makoto dnb remix) alrite, thats how shops sell it but then again u could name it swv feat mj too ;)

  3. MMM…. deepshit, sorry guyz. Tell me: is this the top we had been coming for 10 years listening to DNB? I don’t think so.
    Dnb’s dying. It hard not to notice that
    Shame on us and on you.

  4. @detokter
    well thats youre oppinon and thats ok
    but hell i dont think dnb is dying bro…not at all
    you should come to vienna and see whats happening here ;)
    and by the way, thats a label mix bruv…if you dont like the positive vibes than its ok for sure just leave it…..well about me i love all differend kinds of dnb also the darker and deeper side..but blusaphir is like i said reprezantin the liquid kind of vibe….well for the future just dl other mixes ;)

  5. @ Detokter

    I don’t think breaskblog is the right site for you, son. Try fisherpricebubblebasstoss.biz

  6. influx uk – its love – ???
    contour – synapse (bungle remix)- blu saphir re


  7. Detokter, you obviously don’t live in Britain, the home of jungle & DnB then… It might be dead where you come from but it’s not here or other parts of the world, especially Europe in general.

    Granted, there is an irritating uprising of disposable cheese by Twisted Individual, Pendulum, Clipz etc…
    but there is still an adult side to the music going on too if you know where to look.

    Senses and Survival are my tops at the moment, and what about Seba, Alix Perez, Sabre, Paradox, Breakage, Equinox, Calibre, Marcus Intalex, Commix, Redeyes, Mutt, Theory, Dub-One, and all the rest of the decent producers holding jungle/d&b firmly together?

    Just because you don’t know a great deal about the scene doesn’t mean to say you can go round claiming that it’s dying.

    It’s had it’s ups and downs for 15 years mate, I doubt it’s going out without a struggle now.

    Big up those that know…

  8. 2 tru burnrate , gotta disagree with the twisted/clipz comment tho .. its a different vibe hes layin out. u need blips now an then me thinks. DIVERSITY PPL hold it

  9. Havent even DL’d yet (but will) and will tell Detokter that this site and the sounds contained herein have led me (old ass house and techno head) to declare liquid dnb my first love these days. Big props to all of the crews mentioned via BurnRate for producing quality and classy tunes!

  10. Since this is my first comment left in regards to a mix here on Breaksblog, let me just say that I have been a die hard stateside D&B head for 11 years now.

    I’ve been downloading some very dope mixes off of Breaksblog coming on 4 years now and have been feelin’ all of Rome’s mixes that I’ve downloaded. This mix is no exception. Since then I’ve also been liking the newer liquid vibes that surfaced around 2003. Blue Saphir is surely a label that has been releasing quality and original liquid D&B.

    However, I’m seriously not feeling where liquid, and D&B in general, have been going over the past year. It seems that a lot of the newer producers have been just building tunes around some blatant vocal sample (ie: the two Will Miles tracks at the end of this mix). Let me say that I’m not dissing on Will Miles in any way shape or form. He is obvioulsy doing something right to have gotten such widespread exposure throughout the scene. I just can’t stand it when producers make tracks that only consist of a vocal sample, drumline and bassline.

    I know that sampling vocals and other elements have been with the scene from day one. There’s nothing wrong with sampling, in my opinion, as long as the producer adds some originality to the piece. Sure some of the big producers will once in awhile do a bootleg of a popular song. But a lot of producers these days are using this bootleg aesthetic as the basis for their whole style of production.

    If this continues to be the case, then D&B in general will be dead in no time. I’m praying this isn’t the case.

  11. big ups rome!

    Big up’s snakeskin…i do make all types of tunes, without always sampling(check the myspace), but in my opinion simplisity is key. i could go on and on about my beliefs in dnb and yadda yadda, but dnb wont die anytime soon regardless of what i do/don’t do.

    i do appreciate an honest, non-assholish opinion. more like u please.

  12. Love this mix mate! Big up to all of the supporters of Blu Saphir! Rome’s gonna be layin’ out the illness this year!

  13. @Snakeskin-

    I understand sort of what you’re trying to say and appreciate the civil manner in which you say it, but I think that if you had a chance to listen to Will’s extensive catalogue of tunes you wouldn’t pigeonhole him as someone relying on a “bootleg aesthetic for their whole style of production”. Will has a wide range, but having not been exposed to that I can see where you come to your opinion. However, I think it’s strange for you to think the imminent cause of death for drum and bass is two tracks(and supposedly, others like it) with a “bootleg aesthetic” you heard on a Rome mix. Anyway, as they say, if you think the scene is dying then you know what to do!

    and big ups Jay Rome on the quality mix!

  14. Absolutely dope mix!!! I’m only half way through and loving it. Definately uploading this to my mp3 player ;)

    Nice one Jay!

  15. I don’t care for Twisted/Clipz either but perhaps their style will evolve into something I really like someday or they’ll influence other subgenres in a positive way. When Funky Drummer came out who knew it would be so influential for years to come? I say go forth and create, we need more artists pushing the musical envelope and showing us what is possible. Looking forward to hearing more from Will Miles and his talented cohorts. Thanks to Mr. Rome too.

  16. @ Will Miles:

    No, big upz to you man and nuff respectz.

    LIke I said I wasn’t trying to diss you, for I just used this blog’s comment space to make a point about the direction of the scene at the moment. I’m also not trying to come across as some sort of opininated D&B despot who thinks he knows everything about the music. I also never intended to convey that you alone are responsible for the demise of D&B.

    My comment was basically how I was feeling at the time. It was your couple of tracks at the end of this mix that made me want to express my opinion, for what it is worth, on this blog. I feel the same way about producers like Alix Perez, Redeyes and several others at the moment. Even though Perez and Redeyes are obviously talented producers and have some really dope sample based tunes, it’s the fact that the majority of their tunes ARE sample based is what kind of bugs me.

    I actually heard a track by you on the last Fabio show that I listened to a couple of weeks ago and I was really feelin’ it.
    Don’t really recall what the name of the track was or if it contained a sample or not. All I remember is that it was quality regardless and I guess this is what is most important.

    The bottom line for me in regards to my comment and a possible ensuing discussion is this. Just because a producer digs for some obscure/not so obscure soul or funk sample and puts it in a track, doesn’t even bring him/her close to conveying a soulful or funky vibe. But if the producer adds something original from his/her own SOUL in the production, then the producer has done the sample and his/her production justice. The ultimate litmus test for me in regards to this is JMJ & Richie’s “Free La Funk”. Of course they obvioulsy sampled Lonnie Liston Smith. But it’s like they took this sample and flipped it in a way that the sample was almost made for their track.

    Don’t get me wrong for there are plenty of producers making D&B today that are still coming with killer original vibes. Seba, in my opinion, is surely at the forefront in regards to this. But only if producers continue to push for a deep and original vibe, say like a Seba, will Drum & Bass be able to survive and stand the test of time in my opinion. If it does survive I’ll be happy. If it doesn’t survive I’ll still be happy, for the quality of production that was prevelant in the mid 90’s is enough to last a life time.

    Ah well. I don’t know a single thing about producing any type of music so who am I to judge what any of the aforementioned producers due with their passion.

    I’m just some guy who loves his music a great deal.

  17. @ kjell

    Your right. I haven’t listened to Will Mile’s extensive catalogue. Unfortunately, I’m not a friend of his and don’t live in Richmond like you. However, not to long ago, I was curious enough about his production to download the mix that he posted on here. If I recall correctly, it was a two hour mix where the majority of the tracks were yours and Will Miles. To be honest, I stopped listening to the mix about half way through and deleted it. It wasn’t like I was all, oh, these guys suck. It was just that I wasn’t feeling the style of the tracks. There were also other producers featured in the mix as well, with a similiar style, so don’t accuse me of pigeonholing Will Miles. I would have used the “bootleg aesthetic” to describe any producer’s tracks that were included in this mix with a similiar style towards the end it. They just happened to be from Will Miles.

    I also listen to a shit load of D&B and I have been for over ten years. So my opinion about the demise and state of D&B goes way deeper than just a couple of tracks on a Rome mix. However, all of Rome’s mixes that I’ve downloaded off of here have been extremely on point. It’s quality mixes like these that I turn to in order to give me an idea of where the scene is at and going.

    Like I said in the previous comment to Will Miles, I think that there are plenty of producers at the moment who produce solid original vibes. I just feel that if D&B is going to become mostly a “Solid Gold Sample Drum and Bass” compilation than I’m surely gonna be out. But as long as there are producers who push the genre forward with with the original deep vibes than I’m in. I guess it comes down to whatever flavor the listener feels in his D&B. But it will be a sad state of affairs if in two years every other D&B track has an Al Green sample in it. Highly unlikely, but seriously possible.

    Let me also make it clear that I’m not hateing on you or Will Miles. I think it’s dope when stateside producer get props from the big dogs in the UK and elsewhere in the world.

    Oh yeah. I guess I’m too “civil” to know “what” to do so could you please elaborate?

  18. @ Snakeskin-

    I appreciate your opinion and feel where you’re coming from. To answer your last question, you obviously are someone that cares deeply about the music and the direction it’s heading. If you think dnb is dying then it’s up to you to revive it! Believe me, I’m an old head like yourself and I know I’ve heard “drum and bass is dying” a million times over the years, and it’s all been bullshit. The scene keeps evolving and growing. Do your part, learn the programs, and start making some tunes. I look forward to hearing your output. Seriously. :)

  19. jay rome inside the ride

    meine ärschle brommt when i listen to this mix!

    respect bro, keep in touch =)

  20. @FunkyVibe

    Its actually Blu Mar Ten – Headhunter w/ Church (Tangent) out on promo right now. Church is another deep tasty treat.

  21. Well hell Its listed both ways in alot of shops, either way its a fanfrickintastic track!!

  22. Does anybody know the title of the track with the ‘you are the one’ lyrics at about 30 mins playtime?

  23. Does anybody know the title of the track with the ‘you are the one’ lyrics at about 30 mins playtime??

  24. congratulations Mr Rome! come to hungary as fast as you can :)
    electrosoul system & subwave – one!

  25. ~48 “Unforgettable, That’s What You Are” vs. “Wanna be sorry”:)))

    blaaaaaaaaaazing mix !

    cu in ulm T.B.C @ Ulm / Germany 11.5

    gretts jan frankfurt/ulm

  26. cant believe i cant get my hands on synapse remix… been after it for months and months. still, conquest system is in the post so :)

    this is still one of my top mixes. good work rome

  27. That mix is really kind’a magic. Also listen dis beauty near 4 years, and it still doesn’t get boring! (sorry 4 my english)

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