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Black Reflections Records is a rolling, deeper and atmospheric Drum & Bass label based in Madrid.
Born under the influence of the last 15 years jungle/drum & bass scene, we identify ourselves with labels, artists or movements such as: Good Looking Records family, Moving Shadow, Creative Source, LTJ Bukem, Omni Trio, Fabio and all passionates creators of this lifestyle that continues to evolve. Oneness of men. The rhythm of the heart.

The past year Black Reflections Records evolved into what looks like just our thing here at Breaksblog. Quality, soulful music by a collective of passionate and talented men that are ARP-1, Kp and Daniel Gr.. We did catch up with David Pradera aka ARP-1 for an in depth interview about what this new imprint is all about. Read more for the fully loaded interview.

Out Now on Black Reflections Records

As the creators of Black Reflections Records label, tell us about the people behind it. How did the idea came up?
It really was something we had in mind for quite some time. Black Reflections Records is an initiative developed by David P. (Arp-1), Daniel GR & Miguel C. and was born in 2010. The idea is the result of a similar mindset regarding the exposure of new music within our personal concept of drum & bass. We created the Label with for both artists already established aswell as new talent.

How did you come up the the name “Black Reflections Records”?
It is the result of a wide musical influences shared by all members of the group, which is dominated by the universal heritage of black music, like so many aspects to consider with soul or soul music.

Your releases seem to come steady but slower than most other labels choose to get their digital releases out. Is it a conscious decision not to sign too many tracks too quickly?
We give most importance to release products that we really like and feel and we do not want to release too many tracks to the market without us being 100% sure and passionate about them. Also we value a close relationship with the artist and try to combine and share the passion that moves us.

You have 4 digital releases out, but recently announced the future publication of a 12″ by Furney. With the market being drawn to mostly digital releases, why do you still choose to go down the vinyl route?
We are just fans of this format. It has been present throughout our lives and we would like to leave our footprints within the history of this format. Nostalgia might play a part of our decision aswell.

Furney - Highway 101 - Forthcoming on Black Reflections Records 12

Furney - I will be where you are - Forthcoming on Black Reflections Records 12

When will the Furney release out and in what format?
We do not have an exact release date, butwe would like to see a release in late 2011. We think of December as a good date! Regarding the format, initially it will be available on 12″ Vinyl as an limited edition and a little it will also be available in digital format.

What do you think of todays drum & bass scene in general?
The scene have accommodated a wide variety of styles in which people can find the individual sound they feel, which is ultimately what matters! The drum & bass being a musical style, has always remained true to itself and has not been carried away by fads and influences much of the time, as has happened in other styles of electronic music. Today, the scene continues to move forward and there are plenty producers and labels who continue to support and push to keep this sound alive & up to date.

We know that you are located in Madrid. How is the music scene and of course the drum & bass scene in the heart of Spain?
Generally speaking, the club scene / music in Madrid seems a little dull. Among other factors, miseducation by mainstream fashions might be playing a role in that. If we focus on the drum & bass, the scene is quite static. A small scene that has a loyal amount of people following a kind of Drum and Bass which we can not really identify with.
This is yet another factor that has driven us to our decision to create the Black Reflections Records, an attempt to presenting a different side of drum & bass in Spain and especially in Madrid, where we think that many people have not had the opportunity to meet and have been unable to decide if they like it or not.
Facing the coming months, we will start with events, where we’ll try and cater for all audiences. BBR Nights will be a place for those who like old school drum & bass, rolling, atmospheric, funky and soulfull music.

Any shouts?
Thanks to the public that follow and support us as well as the artists / producers & friends who have contributed to the label. In particular Paul SG, Blade, Soultec, MSDOS, Static, Furney, Kike Besada (Vinyl Artwork Designer) and Boris Divider (Mastering Engineer). We intend to continue working and without the support of the people we would be unable to do so.

10 thoughts on “Introducing: Black Reflections Records

  1. These are a great group of guys behind BRR that know their history and pay homage to ‘black music’. Let’s not forget how it all started!

  2. Total respect to you guys, amazing work and great people, keep up the hard work. BIg things to come.

    Much Love


  3. Good luck Guys,
    You have a very talented group of people.
    Nurture, Grow and prosper.
    Have fun.
    Never compromise the integrity of what you have and want.

  4. Finally, some Furney tracks are getting a release! That’s great news! Good luck with the label.

  5. Finally! Great to see Furney finally being released! Can’t wait to pick those up!

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