Furney – FabricLive- “Bukem In Session” Promomix 05/2012

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info: fabriclondon.com/blog, soundcloud.com/furney

If you’re into the more measured, musical spectrum of drum & bass music you’ll no doubt know James Fearnside better under the Furney name. It’s a moniker he’s performed and DJed under for a number of years now releasing music on labels like LTJ Bukem’s Good Looking, Paul SG’s Jazzsticks, Liquid V and CIA and it’s also the artist name you’ll often find alongside Bukem steering the scale and intensity of his Room Two residency here.

This is gold! A full hour of that sought-after Furney sound. Don’t miss out on this while we wait another 10 or 20(?) years for the GLO relaunch. Rolling, jazzy goodness all the way. Hope you have a nice and sunny weekend.

19 thoughts on “Furney – FabricLive- “Bukem In Session” Promomix 05/2012

  1. Wicked mix… Furney is consistently rolling out tunes for sure.
    @krl just read the comment in that post from 2008 saying “Danny Bukem is telling us that hes going to be “releasing a couple of 12?s a month … forever” – starting with 6 pieces of wax in the next 4 month by ppl like Furney, Perpetuumn, Calibre etc etc” – 4 years on and I think we’d be lucky to have seen a couple of 12″s full stop from Good Looking, let alone a couple a month!
    Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not moaning, just love the music and would like to play more of it!

  2. talented producer who was stupid enough to be overshadowed and sucked in by bukem.

    great music….this dude could have gotten so much more shine…

  3. I’m getting in on this blog because sadly I thought this mix would be amazing and really was just the same old same old and was just a guy playing records to play records…which i don’t think furney is about but this sounded like that… … I have been waiting for a track by furney since 06 called sweetdreams…which i’ve never seen played much and I actually asked furney about it with no responce. This was probably one of the main reasons I stopped buying vinyl/promos/whites…because the good records weren’t available… look at the record killing delay on dkay’s greater love…. that was a great record but 3 years later is something you give away to a kid learning to play… I even used to buy the full release when I already had it on promo…. Its funny how someone who started a key element of the scene (danny with the dreamscapes…) could also be a part of its demise. liquid dnb should not have been left in a hospital and could really use a lucky spin…

  4. Kred, you are so right! I remember a mix of Furney some years ago they were saying releases every month, but who knows, trouble comes when you’r feeling the best… Anyway I wish them good luck and have strenght for giving us good quality music!

  5. more like 30 years or never, I wish GLO could get it together oh well – thanks so much for sharing this!

  6. Tracklist for Furney – FabricLive “Bukem In Session” Promomix
    1.spellbound – tango – Furney rmx
    2.deep is deep – Furney
    3.one day – Furney&Paul Sg
    4. Mowabi – Furney
    5. Don’t tell me – Furney
    6. Love moments – Furney
    7. Charlottes song – Furney
    8. Makers mark – Furney
    9. Ensocia – Furney
    10. I never really new me – Furney
    11. Soul control – Furney
    12. Lost you – Furney
    13. Mancini – Furney
    14. Cozmique – Furney

  7. @Edison_87 thank you very much for the tracklist. I really love deep is deep and Lost you!

  8. The scene is a bit of a shambles. I think the likes of GLO realize that their core income is from playing out, however I think they miss the fact that the scene and the people in it have aged a bit and expect the music to be more available and easily accessible than simply in a nightclub.

    How long has that COMING SOON banner been on the GLO site? That’s why labels like Hospital are killing it! Run by musicians for music fans and musicians alike. This is what GLO used to be…where did it all go wrong..?

  9. 2 thoughts from personal experiience with GLO….Bukem smokes too much and Tony Fordham is a clown. Bukem made himslef a miliion bucks in the 90s from essentially playing others peoples beats and in the meantime Mr Fordham royaly fooked up many a carreer by being so looooong with releases that by the time they hit the street the moment had passed. The best/most infuriating exemple of this has to be PFM…. You only have to look at the likes of Seba…Blu Mar Ten etc who binned off GLO and have made their own mark and then some….. As fo the music GLO are playing these days… its pretty boring…ok Liquid is alright and things have changed, but man I remember when I first heard Danny Bukem in a dance circa 92/93 and everyone on the dance floor just looked at each other in wonderment as these sounds like thunder tore out of the speaker stack ! We honestly thought that those beats were from another planet …..GLO man…sort it out !!

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