Fracture & Neptune – Organic / DOA Promomix 13/11/2009


The guys at Organic have organised a Fracture And Neptune mix and Q&A over at DOA. There’s also a guest list give away for the event on Nov 25th.

Fracture and Neptune in the mix warming up for Organic Beats this wednesday at East Village, London. An all around true to the sound selection featuring a handful of golden oldies aswell as brand new material forthcoming on their own imprint “Astrophonica”. Check the K-Mag Organic Beats feature and read up on Fracture & Neptune thaughts and future plans over at DOA.

ASC – Focus Inwards – Non Plus
Abstract Elements – Wrong Way – Exit
Matrix – Mute – Prototype
System – Thought Reform – Digital Soundbwoy
Krust – Future Unknown – Talking Loud
Ed Rush & Optical – Lifespan – Virus
Fracture & Neptune – Hull Breach – Astrophonica
Ulterior Motive – Featherweight – Subtitles
Fracture & Neptune – The Trunk – Astrophonica
Jubei – Patience – Metalheadz
Die & Suv – Out Of Sight – V Recordings
Fracture & Neptune – Clissold – Astrophonica
Dillinja – Accurist (???) – Test 2 Misspress
Vertigo – The Drained – Droppin’ Science

7 thoughts on “Fracture & Neptune – Organic / DOA Promomix 13/11/2009

  1. Nice mix but way too many IDs in it- can’t get through 5 minutes of music without a “Fracture! And Neptune!” or an “Astrophonica!”, it’s like a promobot! Really grating on the earlier tunes. Shame cos I really liked the tracklisting.

  2. Holy fuck… Hull Breach is the insane stepping beat and filtered bass workout! And right into Featherweight, which blew my gourd the first time I heard it on here a little while back. Nice job guys.

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