21 thoughts on “Equinox & Chris Inperspective – Noir Mix Sets 25/11/2005

  1. chris inp set is distorted beyond enjoyment. dude’s got to go to levels 101 class.

    but equinox’s set is niiiiiiiiiiiice

  2. Wanna listen to these but how do you use these .rar files, with out paying for the WinRAR program!!! HELP!!!

  3. this equinox-set is brilliant, very deep one!

    but the soundquality of the file is not very good, sounds a bit like a tape…

  4. 1)hologramz-paradox
    2)thunder-dom and roland
    3)? – ?
    6)guerilla warfare-cloak and dagger
    7)phantom force-phantom audio
    8)i know it but forgot the bloody name gggrrrr
    10)remember jah -equinox
    13)skankin – dub1(me)
    15)dunno man but its goddamn baddddddd
    sorry i cant really help much but thats the best i can come up with

  5. These sets were recorded at our November event, audio for Jans event will be up shortly.

    Sorry for the distortion guys, the record level on my mp3 recorder was not set low enough, Equinox’s set is recorded at 96 kpbs (by request) Chris is 192.

  6. “audio for Jans event will be up shortly.” YES! big up you guys for the good sets!
    and bigup to dub1 – massive track!!!!

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