Elle Rollo – Wintersun 01/2006

Elle Rollo

host: 36thchamber.net

Elle Rollo comes from Perth in Australia but lives near Reading in the UK . He has played alongside all the big dogs from the UK plus local cats like Pendulum, Greg Packer, Sardi & Motive.

Technozoid & Rosy Aragao – Esfera
Makoto – Inside your love
UnCut – Chinese Silk (Calibre remix)
Nu:tone – Ebb & Flo
Patricia Marx & Suv – Making Waves
DJ Die – Autumn (Commix remix)
Shy FX – Plastic Soul
Lenny Fontana – Spread Love (Nu:Tone remix)
Marky – Distant lover
Blue Skin – Singapore Sling
Shy FX – Everything (Raf & Illogic remix)
Calibre & MC Fats – Neighbourhood
Raf & Illogic – Forever
D Kay – Quiet Earth
Nicola Conte – Maria Moita

11 thoughts on “Elle Rollo – Wintersun 01/2006

  1. Nice… Glad 2 c a good mix, that does’nt feel the need 2 bash dubplates ;) Big up

  2. havent heard it yet but i know its smooth as hell….. no matter what kind of sound you like dont sleep on this guys mixes.

  3. Nice Mix, just found this site, recommended by a friend – Said I should make my site more like this one…

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