DJ Randall pres. J-Tek @ DnBArena 03/2008



J-Tek is a new project with the aim to bring back the long lost sound of Jungle Techno. The project is a collaboration between Outrage, Digital, Modular, Aperture, and the original jungle don Randall. As a special introduction Randall drops this label mix featuring brand new tracks alongside vintage Jungle Tekno from the likes of Lennie De Ice… It’s time to get to know about the J-Tek sound!

Well yeah … This one got nicked of from the Drum&Bass Arena Podcast Section. Please post your ideas …

Living In A Basement – Modular – J-Tek Records
The Buck Stops Here – Modular – J-Tek Records
Jungle Dub – Modular – J-Tek Records
Acid Drop – Outrage – J-Tek Records
Lets Go – ?
Falling Bombs – Modular & Outrage – J-Tek Records
Sunday Morning – Allsorts – Outrage & Modular(RMX) – J-Tek Records
Cry – Outrage – J-Tek Records
We I E – Lennie De-Ice – Reel 2 Reel
Made In England – Outrage & Digital – J-Tek Records
Scorcher – 4 Hero – Reinforced Records
Gladiator – Modular – J-Tek Records
Bass Overdose – ?
Dark NRG – Modular – J-Tek Records
Utopia – Outrage – J-Tek Records
2012 – Modular – J-Tek Records
Stop! – Outrage – J-Tek Records
Escape – Aperture – J-Tek Records

42 thoughts on “DJ Randall pres. J-Tek @ DnBArena 03/2008

  1. what has this got to do with dubstep??? dubstep is unimaginary, boring seen before bullshit where as this is music played by the originators of this stuff like randall..

  2. If you can’t hear the similiar sounds to dubstep on this then get your ears checked wtf??. At 4:46 in this mix you can spot it clearly. I couldn’t resist putting in my two cents in defense of dubstep. So it evolved outta garage and grime so what jungle evolved outta hardcore so whats your point. All music is influenced by what came before. Just because this came first doesn’t mean its superior in any way. Its a like trying to argue the egg is better than the chicken or vice versa. You wouldn’t have one without the other so deal with it and get off the righteous kick. If you find dubstep boring and unimaginative thats your opinion and your entitled but it is still music and feels right to a lot of people out there. So it can’t just be dismissed.

    Back on topic this mix is absolutely necessary, shows another side to what we call dnb these days and points back to its roots. Whether it takes off again is anyone’s guess.

  3. wha blow. yes, yes big mix with big riddims, n someone [wtf] got told. twat

  4. [Comment ID #382571 Quote]

    rather sick of people dismissing dubstep like this… most dnb falls nicely into the category you just described. if you don’t like it that’s fine but your comments are way off the mark, unwarranted and i’m afraid possibly ill informed… on a more relevent tip, I agree with punctual with regard his second point alongside his first.

  5. I think this amazing for underground music as a whole, why bitch about it. I love old school, new school, d&b, dubstep as long as it’s well produced music and it has feeling. Every form of music takes inspiration from other genres this is how music evolves… However there is loads of shit out there and I think this is a step in the right direction…… Wicked news

  6. The mix is dope, good mix of new and old can’t wait to buy them on vinyl, anyone know when the releases are out???

  7. [Comment ID #382710 Quote]

    good call. too much hating on here lately

  8. Stop listnin to Rusko then WTF, uve gotta past that jumpup shit in both genres, dbstep dnb, check out sum gravious n hot flush/ d,z then tell me it aint imaginative

  9. Is there any way to get this up on dnbshare? It’s the only one not blocked at my work. =] thanx!

  10. dubstep = bent as fok

    this = pretty bent (but i’ll allow it given its randall and its trying something new, and i like the odd tune and oldskool drums)

    most of this is not my bag, but if the sounds developed with many producers trying lots of diff things i reckon i’d find a style a liked. got potential. keep it original

  11. This is excellent… I don;t think the popularity of dubstep has lead to this as such, more the popularity of old skool on London DnB pirates (pioneered by origin in the daytimes, then copied by Kool, also eruption playing a whole bunch). Largely because a whole new generation who missed out on hardcore/jungle the first time round are now getting into it through DnB… and probably enjoying it more since IMO most commersh DnB I hear nowadays is wack as…. Old skool hardcore has been getting a revival lately (like most things do after 10 – 20 years) and we can only wlecome the factr that people will be producing this type of music woth modern technologyh and abilities.

    Looking forward to attending a J-Tek rave.

    Wigglet you a silly

  12. I hear ya Rampamy all excellent points that I agree with. Still dubstep’s popularity boom pushing the slower bpms compared to dnb bpm’s these days may have had an influence. In general (not all and certainly not the hardcore flavored) most oldskool is generally slower than a lot of the dnb we have today. Also dubstep is pretty much an anything goes format that really reminds me of the way oldskool was/is. So I think that culminates in people being more open to this sound again.

    Or one can only hope that genrefication is finally declining and people are just starting to care about the music and not the cliques and scenes. Wouldn’t that be something.

  13. [Comment ID #383441 Quote]

    A direct reference no less. Think its interesting how people are classifying this J Tek mix. All depends on perspective I guess. Either way at the end of the day you either like it, dislike it, or remain unchanged. Music.

  14. Love it! I I think it’s great and refreshing to hear this stuff again with an updated flavour. BIG UP THE RANDALL for a wicked mix!

  15. this shit is bad proper dark and moody , the way it should , randall ya vandall BIG UP!

  16. producers n labels like this keep dnb alive,well n healthy!! nuff love n respect!!!!

  17. im not feeling this. im always warey of attempts to ‘go back to go forward’ and as genious as randal is on the decks… i’d rather hear him play something more 97-98 flavoured.

  18. i dont see any need to do this in the light of dubsteps success either… seems like an irrelevance

  19. Lol, it’s funny to hear everyone bitching man…. Dupstep, Garage and D&B all came from Jungle Techno.
    People are sick of all the clown step and wobble so it’s only natural that this would happen. I think Dubstep has broken down barriers and helped maybe influence a bit of this, but who cares man….. God these vibes have just been supressed for to long, Good things always come back.


    The mix sounds real fresh and has allot of energy, I’m sure this will take off.:)

  20. ‘Real’ Garage has nothing to do with jungle,grime, hardcore or even the UK…
    learn your history kids and EU types…

  21. Sorry I did mean UK Garage….. Thanks for pulling me on that one as there is a big difference

  22. Does anybody want some BLOOOOOOOODCLART JUNGLE TECHNOOOOOOOOOOOO! HA-HA This mix takes me back! Big Ups Randell

  23. I am really really feeling this – reminnds me of that 1992 Basement Records sound.
    I think I shall follow this label.
    Ta Randall for bringing it back with a nu edge. Bangin’

  24. wiked mix.

    i agree with punturual, their defeniantly a dubstep sound to it. martyn and the britstol collective are definately pushing things forward in dubstep. appleblim new rinse mix cd is going to be sick!

  25. i think you lot need to stop thinking to much about the music and just feel it. Stop thinking about where shit came from and go with it!! All music is great to some people. If your in it your in if your not who gives a fuck!!

    J-tek is raw!!!!!!

  26. Just so glad this shit is back and sounding fresher than ever. I’m a happy man :)

  27. not a bad mix. wicked old track @41m36s from the ‘Bass Overdose’ ep, bukem played it on fabios radio 1 show a few weeks back.

    but the track that really interested me was @16m17s ‘Lets Go – ?’, ive never heard that before, quality track. is it new, anyone?

  28. let’s go – ? = potential bad boy – work the box – limited E edition records 1993

  29. I have just got all the downloads from j-tek at I have done a wicked little mix even added a few dubstep tracks as the tempo is double speed. sounds wicked. This music has really got energy I can see this really taking off


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