DJ Marky – Jungle Classics Vol. I & II 2010

DJ Marky


It’s a well documented fact that DJ Marky has one of the most powerful vinyl libraries in DnB. Ranging all the way back to the genres origins, there are some volumes of sheer quality waiting to be unleshed upon the world once again.

In case you have missed those, here are both of DJ Markys “Jungle Classics” Sets recorded mid and late 2010. Happy New Year everyone.

Tracklist Part I:
Kev Bird & The Wax Doctor – Dark Matter 93
Rufige Kru – Krisp Biscuit
The Prodigy – Your Love (Remix)
Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play Remix)
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – R Yeah
Grooverider – Sinister [The Influence Remix]
DJ Mayhem – Inesse (Ray Keith Remix)
Renegade Feat. Ray Keith – Terrorist
Orca – 4 Am
Wots My Code – Dubplate
Tom & Jerry Vol.9 – Air Freshener
LTJ Bukem – Horizons
Goldie – Inner City Life
Presha III – Studio Pressure [Photek]
Omni Trio – Soul Promenade
Droppin’ Science Vol III – Firin Line [Origin Unknow Sound Fx Remix]
Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune
Coolhand Flex & Mc Fats – Mercy Mercy
D’Cruze – Watch Out [D’Cruze Remix]
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Let’s Do It
Undercover Agent – Oh Gosh
JMJ & Richie – Hall Of Mirrors
Johnny Jungle – Flammable [Dj Hype Remix]
Oaysis – Outcry
Noise Factory – Can You Feel The Rush
DJ Krust – Jazz Note
DJ Hype – Come Again
Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown Remix)
Cloud Nine – The Pedge
Skanna – This Way

Tracklist Part II:
Wax Doctor – The Heat
Pariah – Catalyst
Source Direct – Secret Liaison
Omni Trio – Together Vip
Hyper On Experience – East Coast Vibes
Carlito – Heaven
Voyager – Hypersleep [Original 97 Revamp]
Essence Of Aura – Northern Lights (Remix)
Omni Trio – Soul Of Darkness
Frank De Wulf – Drums In A Grip (Wax Doctor Remix)
Photek – Rings Around Saturn
Jmj & Richie – Free La Funk [Pfm Remix]
Hidden Agenda – “Is It Love”
Dj Crystl – Let It Roll
Tango – Understanding

11 thoughts on “DJ Marky – Jungle Classics Vol. I & II 2010

  1. I did like the Brownswood basement mix but this should be fun listening as well.. Cheers Marky!

  2. Yes, Brownswood basement mix is huge,
    if looking for not so well known older tracks :

    Felix K. – Collected Memories Pt.II

    Is it poss. to upload “Collected Memories Pt.I” again ????

  3. I don’t usually cry when I listen to mixes – but after just hearing Pt. 2 and the awe inspiring blends put in there….. Niagara Falls bros.

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